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  1. hi guys, Anyvody knows what is going on with SkySystem USA Inc. ? I am trying to contact them with urgent affair via email/phone/contact form since Friday, no answer, no reply :/ I have heard that they have changed location of their company recently but it is not confirmed. If anybody could help there is my email: [email protected] Thanks for help in advance, Blue skies
  2. Hi everyone !!! Our company is going to organise big swoop-competition (first official in Poland) with good money to win. We are talking with sponsors&media(TV,press,radio)-they are really interested to help, but we have to prepare Multimedia presentation about swooping fot them to show what swooping is. I need pictures and video of some good swoops that shows the speed, and the essence of this activity. The best will be form competitions where will be shown spectators, becouse this presentation cannot show few guys swooping on the opposite side of airport and few spectators. If you can help sending me some links to sites with swooping pics/videos, sending sth for e-mail: [email protected] , or otherwise - big thanks. If i will know anythink about this competition (some more details) i will write about it. Plannig date: 07-08.June.2008. Place: middle of Poland.Europe.