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  1. I am bemused by the reports on here of bad customer service from this company. I bought my rig 4 years ago and have not had a single problem with it, or the customer service that I received. When I my wife completed her AFF course just over 3 years ago, I had no hesitation in recommending an Odyssey for her. We travelled to Z-Hills to pick it up and get a few jumps in, and although my wife found the system very comfortable, she found the chest strap was sitting very high when she was under canopy and was obstructing her ability to look downwards. Sunpath had a look and immediately suggested that we leave the rig behind so they could sort the problem out. They worked out that the wrong sized yolk had been fitted, and they sorted the problem out by remeasuring my wife and eventually remaking the rig (at no extra cost). When the 2nd rig finally arrived, the problem (although less pronounced) had not been completely solved, and the experts at Sunpath worked out that they did not have an ideal pattern for my wife's sizing (she has a "cuddly" figure). Solution: a complete re-design of their templates and another new rig, again at no extra cost. Result: perfectly fitting rig and complete satisfaction. Poor customer service? I DON'T THINK SO.