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  1. Thank you. I'm glad to stay home. Early afternoon I called there to confirm about winds. I was told winds is very high for whole the afternoon. CSpenceFly, thank you for concerned about my safely to not come.
  2. Wow. It's really amazing rig ever I saw!
  3. I'm very worry about Obama, turn to be first Dictator of US instead of President since he's MUSLIM! I hope Congressmen throw him out before Obama's decision to be dictator, if he won the vote. Remember, NEVER trust anyone if you don't know who they are.
  4. Thousands mentioned in old news that Cessna driver were survived due pilot on left, not right.
  5. Thanks. I might will or will not.
  6. $5 per a load? That's realllllly low wage for risk to fly a plane.
  7. Thanks! I'm not here to discuss about skydiving, well, probably will. I'm taking pilot course for jump plane. I love to take jumpers out of plane to make them a happy.
  8. Yes, it's serious question about employee's wage. I want to take pilot course for jump plane.
  9. That's mean pilot's responsible for pay a fuel too?
  10. Is it true pilot for jump plane earn $20 per hour? It must be good wage!
  11. I'm very new to this. Hope to have someone welcome me to here.