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  1. at this time of the year will we need to book accom in advance or just turn up and hope for the best..
  2. Myself and a mate arrive on the 19th Jan for a week of jumping and drinking, we have no accom booked just going to play it by ear, see you all then, cheers. By the way guys what sort of weather can we expect then?
  3. Going to pick up my new rig from the farm Atlanta, anybody got any recomendations when we get there?Coming in from Eire.
  4. I have heard that people were having problems with their Optima's plastic case cracking and breaking, can anybody shed any light on this or was it just a problem with the older Optimas. Cheers all.
  5. Its a good 45 min drive from Mad airport to Ocana dz. Great dz and very friendly, get in touch with them they have regular pick ups from the airport for students, it might just work out.
  6. Just bought a new Vector and i'm going to fly from Eire to the big smoke to pick it up personally and jump the shit out of it! Want to keep as far East as poss(economy flights over 4hrs are not pleasant) minimal requirement for weather is that it must be jumpable, cheap accom, and decent drinking establishments (any hole in the wall will do) so hit me!
  7. So Gary whats your best price for one?
  8. mostly just doing ff and looking for a new hat to put it in..
  9. Finally getting around to buying an audible but which one. Most people say anything from L&B. I will be buying new so any useful comments is welcome.
  10. As i'm new to the sport i don't pretend to know anything and i do take in every bit of advice given thats the whole point of these forums, but after having done 30 good landing jumps on a 170 in different conditions the thought of going back to a 230 is exactly that 'going backwards' maybe i'm wrong but just the thought of it depresses me!
  11. I have been offered a vodoo with a PdF 170 electra, but i read somewhere that there is a max weight restriction of 80kg for this canopy, my WL is 105kg. Any info on this canopy good or bad is welcome. My last 30 jumps have been on a saber 170.
  12. I am in the market for a second hand rig and have seen a few with skyhook. Can any one explain to me what this is. Many thanks.
  13. Hello all, i know i know its a bit premature using the C word so soon but my good lady and i have decided to go abroad this year and of course jumping out of planes determines where we go. We are from Ireland and i have never been to the states. So if anybody has any suggestions for a good dz with good shopping for the boss, and good eating and drinkin(of course) establishments let me know, many thanks.