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  1. C'mon. They never did anything nice for you or your friend???? You think they had anything but good intentions with the raffles they have had to help raise money for others. I'm sorry the way things ended because I always liked you so much as an instructor and i can appreciate your loyalty towards your friend because I am such a loyal friend as well. I still have to say those two people are some of the most genuine, giving and fair people I have ever met. If the idea of the package was yours then that is great and you can take all the credit, but you know me I'd be their regardless. Even You'd have to agree they treat me very well there. I still think I was your most favorite student ever. It show on your smile in my videos. So There. ...and your still wrong about Zeebra. It is totally not Zebra. (even if it is an animal from your country)
  2. Actually I said alot of nice things towards alot of people if you can read. and i don't mind if you call first to see that I'm not their. I prefer positive enegry around me. Thanks for the favor, you'll save me the call. Love you and have a great day.
  3. I didn't notice you putting together a raffle to help the dog. I think what you meant to say is "Thanks Laurie and Rob for helping my friend's dog and for all the things you've done for me. I'm sorry for the way I left and Pamela was my most favorite student ever." What can you expect from a man who doesn't know how to pronounce Zebra (ZEE - BRA).
  4. Give me a break. I don't need any pity ("poor Pamela") ...and I'll be an advocate any day for anything or anyone who's worth it.
  5. Actually that was just because I am a new user and I accidentally put the same reply in twice. I am not advertising other than I am a good customer of SVNH and I noticed someone wasn't being very nice to the people I like there. I'm very protective over people that treat me well, so I had to voice my opinion. I'm one of those people that has no problem going 6' under standing up for what I believe in and the people I love. Thank you for opinion and stating it maturely. "If a man has nothing to die for, he has not yet lived." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  6. Wow if devils own that wind tunnel I am going to do my best to go to hell when I die. It must be an awesome place. I never thought devils help unconditinally without hesitation and they help sick people, sick dogs, they give people jobs on the spot that really need them. They help all there friends and are very giving. Hmmm. If that's what a devil is I wanna be one. That's what I'm going to be when I grow up. I fiannly figured it out. Thank you soooo very much for your help. It is greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi Tunnel Mom: It's good to see some people with positive energy around here. Those are the type of people you should all surround yourselves with.
  8. In house. I'm not related nor do I live near by. But the pay is excellent. I get treated very well and have made good friends there. They are real genuine people. That's good enough pay for me to want to rave about them. Hmmm ever wonder why people have to put a negative twist on something so positive. A true reflection of ones self. Have a nice day lol
  9. Anger management classes. I think there is a website for that. Sure glad most of the population is good
  10. Maybe it's the hot guys that catch you and keep you from flying into the walls that allow me to fly for long periods of time. Gotta love those men.
  11. 90 minutes ina day in atunnel. Of Course it's possible. I've gone as much as three hours in a single day. Can't do that out of a plane. The adreniline keeps you going.
  12. If you think the employees of SVNH are awesome you should know some of the things that the owners have done. I have been there many times when they raffled off wind tunnel time to help people down on there luck. Just one example of this was one of their employees had a dog that needed an operation and couldn't afford it so they raffled off wind tunnel time. The dog was operated on and was doing well soon after. I'm certain the owner of the dog really appreciated that. These are the type of people I want to do business with.
  13. Nobody asked me to post anything. I just love SVNH and want people to be able to enjoy the same experience. You should definitely try it; the owners and staff are awesome.