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  1. Ill be completing aff soon and have been thinking about gear. As much as id like to guy new I dont know if I can afford it. Is there reliable used gear out there? What are your thoughts?
  2. hey, so when i finish aff, I can jump alone? or do i have to have a coach with me everytime? what are the student status restrictions?
  3. thanks for the info, I want to use one for skydiving. what do you reccomend for a new skydiver? The one my instructor has been giving me fits loose on my wrist and blows and wobbles all over in freefall, its hard to get a steady read.
  4. can you steer me towards some decent ones?
  5. yea, im now in the afp program. im looking foward to more jumps
  6. ive only done 2 tandems, as im in the afp program. But after those jumps i felt a bit drained and woozy. I dont get motion sickness. I run an offshore fishing boat on the weekends and never have problems with feeling bad. Last jump especially it took me about an hour to straighten up. I didnt eat anything at all before the jump. Maybe its the pressure change, my ears bothered me a bit also. any suggestions?
  7. so level 2 went pretty good. did the 3 touch thing, my altitude awareness was good. body position was good. I did some minor turns. And I had a good pull. I forgot to wave off tho.. There is alot to think about during these student jumps!!
  8. OK, So after going back and forth about where I was going to continue my skydive training, I think Im ending up at Cross Keys in NJ. I have my AFP jump # 2 there tomorrow. It will be my first time at the DZ. wish me luck
  9. what do you use? im not into the big bulky goggles. Can you get away with some tightly secures sunglasses?
  10. ok, so when you rent a student rig. say $40, is that for the day? or per jump? im new
  11. Hey, Ill be going through my aff there the second week of Aug (12-19). Anyone have any input on this place ? I used to live in the area, I have that covered. But the DZ itself Ive never been to. Also, Ill be attending alone. Good people?
  12. yea. im almost positive ill do it in sebastian. Cant wait. Ill keep you guys posted