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  1. i know I wont understand the technicalities behind BASE rigs vs Skydiving rigs though its more of an inquisitive question. Still, thank you for your answers
  2. I'm new to skydiving. I'm going to be taking my AFF course in May/August but had a question about rigs. What are the main differences between a skydive rig and a base rig? Are the chutes packed differently? Are they made to open differently? Thanks
  3. So again, I'm new to skydiving. I made my first dive this past summer and fell in love with it, or at least I think I have. As of now, my plan is to get my licence next summer. Question: When people say they're pulling their cutaway or their reserve, does the cutaway/reserve automaticly dissconect the main chute? Are the cutaway and reserve the same? thanks hope to see ya'll in the skys soon enough
  4. He did a couple of spins, but nothing crazy. My first thought was that the harness was too tight, but I cant say I really remember too well. Hopefully I'll be going again soon. Its weird, because at this point in time I dont really want to jump alone, I just want to tag a long for the ride with someone else. I dont want to have the responsibility of doing anything on my own.
  5. First off, I guess I should introduce myself before going into the surreal feeling of my first jump. My name is Nate and I'm from NYC and I am new to skydiving. I had my first tandem experience 3 days ago over at Bkue Skys Ranch in the Mid Hudson Valley. From the momment I got to the ranch everything began to feel so surreal. Looking up from the sign in area you could see person after person canopying down from the sky. If you were to have had any hesitencies at the time, for me, they all seemed to go away after seeing person after person land safely. My instructor was amazing, he joked around and put me at ease as we practiced what we would be doing. Everything happened so quickly, from suiting up, getting on the plane and then jumping. I really didnt even get a chance to back out (not that i would have wanted to). We begin out climb in plane onwards to 13,500 feet. The experienced divers begin to chant somehting along the lines of "shawanga....fly baby fly". A skydiving chant that defenitely relaxed me for one reason or another. Before I knew it there we were at 13,500 feet and the door was open. One after another the experienced jumpers jump out and all I can think to myself is "Where is everyone going?" Then it was my turn, again, it didnt even occur to me to back out. I was in some sort of trance I guess. My instructor told me to get up and walk to the door, thats what I did. I guess if everyone just jumped out of the doorway in front of me, then i guess its my turn. And there I went. Before I knew it, I was doing a front flip out of the plane, we soon stabilized and I was free falling. The free fall was like nothing i could have ever imagined. Thinking back on it now, I wasnt really focused on any one area during the fall, and because of that, its all somewhat of a blur of flowing endorphins. Your so caught up in what your doing, you dont know how to react. You cant just jump once, I have to go back to really appreciate the freefall. I was a bit nautious on the cannopy ride down, but then again, i guess I expected that part. My instructor said it was probably because i was thirsty. I had not drank anything before hand. He said thats the worst thing you can do. So my first Skydiving experience was an unforgetable one and I defenitely plan to do it again soon. There was one weird incident while I was coming down on the canopy. As we began our descent after the free fall, my left arm began to tingle and fall asleep. I asked my instructor while we were descending and he asked if I had any heart problems, I do not. Does anyone know what this could have been, is this normal? Oh well.....I'm ready to go again....woohooo