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  1. yeah mate will be doing the first jump course when i get enough time. I cant wait to do it! once im good enough i wouldnt mind doing a bit of a BASE jumping. haha and your mum says hi
  2. Hi guys, dont know whether this is a stupid question but i had a search on the forum and im only new to sky diving, i was just wondering what types of licence's their are and what they mean. e.g A, B etc.. If someone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers people. the pleasure has been all yours ;) Frizey
  3. How are we people, My names ryan and im from perth austraaaalia , im new to this forum, obviously. just dropping in to learn about sky diving, done my first tandem jump 2 weeks ago and loved it, was crazzy as. anyway hope to get to know a few of you people! this is frizey, say hi to your mum for me ;)