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  1. hey guys i recently had a bad swoop and bounced. i fractured my L-2 vertebre and broke a small bone above my tailbone.. the recovery time is said to be 6-8 weeks has anyone healed earlier??? im 22 and in great shape i cant wait 6-8weeks to jump again any suggestions or good exercises and stretches to do to aid in the recovery time? thanks guys
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  3. hey guys, sorry if this is in the wrong place. i recently bought a vector 3 and am now looking for a cypress (used, cause im a poor college student) my question is there a difference between 1 pin and 2 pin cypress if so what does that mean, and does it matter for my my rig which one i buy. thanks for your help..
  4. hey whats up guys, i just got finished with my AFF at sebastian in Florida and im ready to buy a rig. the question i have is what canopy size should i be looking for? Im 5"8' and 160 lbs. i was thinking a 150 but i found a really nice deal on a vector 3 that has a 135 canopy do u think this is to small to start with or no? thanks for your help