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  1. Hi everyone! Just chasing some advice about fitting an Atair Radical 135 into my Wings W8 container. My current main is a 140 (tight fit but manageable), however I've been informed that the Atair canopies pack larger, and also contain more material due to the end cells being divided into 3 sections, as opposed to the standard 2. From what I can find, the pack volume of the Radical 135 is 330 cubic inches... but I can't find any numbers to use for reference for the container. Any help is appreciated! Cheers,Tom.
  2. Tom794

    2X Helmet

    My first helmet I bought second-hand, and although it fit it wasn't as snug as it could have been. I didn't realise how comfortable a helmet could actually be until I bought the Tonfly 2X. It was a bit of a gamble as I was ordering from Australia without any real chance to test the helmet sizes, but the fit was fantastic from when I pulled it out of the box. After putting about 100 jumps on it, the fit is still fantastic and I'm very impressed with it. The small profile means that I'm not smacking it on the door or anything else like my old one, and the audible port on the outside has been very handy. Overall, I'd recommend this to anyone. A comfortable and high quality lid. Although it isn't cheap, you're getting what you pay for!
  3. hahaha, nope, I have to pay for it all, or I get nothing. The family is tied up financially. Pretty much no money to throw around at all. I'm becoming a pool lifeguard soon, to help the savings. I don't know how often you hear about this, but I'd really like to make a career out of the sport. Become a camera flyer, and try and work my way up from there. Also, I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post this in, but has anyone ever attended, or know anyone who has attended the course to get the 'Diploma in Commercial Skydiving' run by New Zealand Skydiving School? Here's the link to it. I'm meeting with a current skydiver and Tandem Master soon, to discuss future opportunities, which courses to do etc. But yeah, please, if anyone has attended the school over in NZ, or knows anyone who has, please post some responses, it'd be good to hear from someone who's done it. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Tom
  4. Hi everyone. I'm Tom from Australia. Just turned 17, and was lucky enough to get a Tandem jump as a present