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  1. I have heard the stories, do I buy them? Not for one second. Have you ever been to a scene of an accident where someone has gone it at terminal. I can tell you its pretty hard to imagine till you have seen it. Bone fragments blown out peoples backs and with so much force they bury themselves into containers. I understand the need to attack my experience level fireflyr since you have only half of the experience I as myself. At one time I would post on a regular basis on here. Yes most of my base jumps have been in my backyard, well if you count norcal and southern Utah as my backyard then your correct. As for Faber giving me a hard time about saying I told you so Jackass, I thought the European Unions slogan was "I told you so". Just sit back do absolutely nothing until something doesnt work out for outsiders then say I told you so all along, Am I not correct? Yeah right this was another story made up somewhere. You choose to believe it if you want, its total BS. 1972 some third world country hahahaha. Now I remember why I quit posting on here. I hope everyone can get their panties out of that big tangled mess, and remember that my original question was about a guy at twin surviving a no pull, I was correct. He did have something out although opinions on what the amount was vary. I was trying to get some information from someone who was there and saw it first hand. Thanks to those of you who responded with valid information. To those of you just spouting off with zero knowledge of the incident, maybe you and Jeb can get some body armor, jump a commercial jetliner, without a rig, over a snow covered mountain, or a muddy swamp and make history.
  2. Its go play with yourself. English 101
  3. One of my students tripped and fell out of the door on the runway is that what your talking about, does that count she lived too. I am having a hard time following your broken english faber but what I think you said is "I like to argue points with zero proof and back it up with garbled english that is hard to follow?" I asked so I was not the 8th person, instead of just knowing everything I decided to ask people who actually were there or have seen proof. By the way I saw a guy do 25 gainers off the perrine. Would you believe it or like to see actual video proof? My .02
  4. Faber you have been around long enough to know there is always more truth to a story by the time it gets to the 8th person. Show me proof that someone has fallen from a commercial jet liner and lived. If you really believe it I think your calling the kettle black. Many stories like these are told at DZ's and I felt they were always a joke for the gullible idiots who question nothing. Could you be one of those individuals? I have some land in hawaii if your interested. Cheap too.
  5. All I have to say is all these people survived with something out. A streamer canopy is 100x better than a no throw. So the story from everyones perspective is quite a bit different. Goes from nothing but a PC to a streamer to a streamer with one cell opening periodically, its all in the eye of the beholder right. Till I see it with my own eyes Ill just pick somewhere in the middle and its probably pretty close to what actually happened. Sure the guy who went it would probably like to say he is a super hero and went in with just a PC out but I doubt that is true. Either way it sounds like the guy survived a malfunctioning canopy and that was what I needed to know to win the arguement. And I get to use my favorite words; "I told you so jackass".
  6. Has anyone ever gone it at the perrine with aboslutely nothing out and lived? I heard a wild story involving new body armor that saved the guys life. I call BS but wanted to ask people who dont have their head full of un accounted for miracles what really happened. thanks