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  1. Counterfeit money orders is a serious charge. I hope Charlie filed a police report on that one. But I'm not sure we're talking about the same issue. In the case I'm talking about the money orders were made out in Charlie Mack's name, not Nitrochute Corp. So was Charlie a pretty good guy to work for?
  2. Does anybody have his current phone? It is well known that Charlie Mack was living at the address below because this is where everyone sent their payments to for various items... frap hats, parachutes, etc. Charles Mack 38544 East 33rd Street Palmdale, CA 93550 Following is a list of disconnected Charles Mack cell #'s: 661-917-7071 661-400-3108 One customer sent Charlie Mack two money orders in Dec 2005 & Jan 2006 totalling $1300 for a chute that Charlie never delivered. I'd best not quote what this customer had to say about his experience. We're hoping Charlie repays this person in full... soon. In the mean time I thought it would be useful to see if others were having similar experiences.
  3. Has anyone else had any POSITIVE experiences with NITROCHUTE CORP. or CHARLES MACK?
  4. Would you feel differently if you were one of the 2 who felt compelled to complain?
  5. The word on the street is that Charlie has resolved issues with some of the squeeky wheels who complained the loudest. This is to his credit. I understand there is another sizeable complaint that has not yet been resolved. ...so maybe it is 3 complaints, not 2. Would details help?
  6. People, please understand that what snivel1 is saying may be exactly what has happened in charlie's career, I can only post about what I know. I know this and you should also keep that in mind when reading this thread, or any other experience with thread. As promised, I am here to update on the status of my refund. I did recieve a refund in full yesterday. I still stand by what I have been saying: not answering emails, not shipping a product, lying about when it was shipped, and then only giving positive help and support once the customer posts on a public forum is not acceptable. However, I will also keep my word, so to Charlie: I have no hard feelings and hope your health improves quickly. tangledlines, man, you are out there. You set up an experience with thread that has no place for bad experience, you poke and pry and dig for good experience, almost to the point of begging. Then you try to keep any thing negative out of here and in private, you can call me, why would I want you to call me, if you have sometihng to say, this is your public thread, say it. Then not filling out your profile, well I have my ideas of who you are, but due to promises made earlier in this post I will leave that alone for now. In any event, your seemingly useless thread has served me well, I am now $120 less poor as a result of it, and I thank you for that. My father, a poet and very wise man, once said, "Learn from the mistakes of others; life is too short to make them all yourself." Oh, and, you're welcome.
  7. Has anyone had any POSITIVE experiences with NITROCHUTE CORP. or CHARLES MACK?
  8. You can privately email me your phone and I'll give you a call.
  9. Fred, I hate to post my personal contact information on a public website. I do have my email address posted here on DZ. I'll give you a call tomorrow so we can talk.
  10. Do you have any experiences you could share?
  11. Could you take a minute and complete my poll at the top? It sounds like you have some valuable input.
  12. Are you sure it wasn't a simple misunderstanding or perhaps a clerical issue? Mistakes happen. How well did you document your transaction? Was it all verbal? What kind of money was involved? Can you document dates & conversations. Do you have a cancelled check signed by Charles Mack? If you have some historical detail and documents perhaps they would be of interest to others.
  13. Does anybody know how to get hold of Martha Huddleston?