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  1. This is Tommy's last sister Traci. When I found out what happened I was in complete shock, it didn't seem real. I went to work the next day and told a co-worker of mine who also is a passionate skydiver what happened. I told him because I knew that he could relate to the situation and because I wanted to stress to him to be safe. I don't want to hear of any other tragedies like this...especially so close to home. He pointed this website to me, I told my family, and here we are. I want thank every one of you from the bottom of my heart all the kind words that you have for Tommy. Your stories and feelings about Tommy have made a world of a difference to all of us. We often worried about Tommy being out on his own without family nearby, but I see that he had his own family of friends that gave him love, support, and most of all fun. Unfortunately, I didn't get to know him as well as an adult because I also moved away from home, so our paths didn't cross that often. I will miss him dearly as will everyone. Our family also has met some of you that made the trip out to Chicago. Thanks to all that were able to make it, we know it’s not always easy to come when something like this is out of state. It was wonderful to meet everyone in person and to swap stories. I wish we could have met under different circumstances. Every one of you was warm and inviting and it’s good to know Tommy was around such wonderful, loving and fun people. I even made my attempt as a VCL, but ultimately failed...I’ll get it next time. While what happened is truly a tragedy, Tommy did follow his dream. He lived life to the fullest, and not everyone can say that. He didn’t let fear hold him back as so many of us do. He was very quiet, sweet, and respectful. When he did say something I would often have to ask him to repeat himself, I too experienced the mumbles. I thought it was just me who couldn’t understand him until I read that many others had the same problem. I have fond memories of Tommy, many of which were already mentioned by my siblings. He was a little boy when we met him, and he grew up to be such a wonderful man. He is loved and will truly be missed. He will be with his mother again, and someday we will all be reunited again with him and others that have gone before us. Tommy, we love you so much. We will miss that wonderful smile and those dancing feet. Blue skies to you Tommy. To everyone out there flying in the sky...please be careful out there.
  2. This is Michele - Tommy's oldest sister.... It has been a hard week for everyone. Today will be ESPECIALLY WICKEDLY difficult as we are approaching the wake where we will be able to see Tommy one last time and say our final goodbyes - in person and in spirit. It's just not right - over and over again - yet at least you were doing what you loved Tommy as much as we all hoped for something different because we love you...and above everything - we are so glad you were happy. I wanted to thank all of you who have contributed recollections of Tommy, kind thoughts and pictures. I can't even begin to express how deeply comforting it has been for the family to read these entries and know that Tommy has been surrounded by love and friends and happiness. It personally helped me understand a life he lead in a world I did not know and was afraid to know. And it makes me and our family so happy to see his world was a wonderful place with an unspoken bond of caring and love from each of you. We have all seeked out this site since the accident - seeking out more and getting more several times a day and each time healing more with the kind words. Thank you - thank you - thank you. I feel I really missed spending all the great times together you all have been able to spend with him - as we seemed to live worlds apart with me in college, moving out of the house, and then him moving away. I am so comforted to know he had many many great times with so many friends. And it touches me profoundly to know he had such a positive impact on so many people and touched so many lives. His short life was so meaningful and packed full of wonderful experiences - I am so grateful for that. We are eternally grateful for each of you out there for the types of people you were for him in his life. I love you Tommy - I love your hugs, I love your mumbling - I love your smiles - I love the great man you have turned out to be - I am so proud of you - and I'll catch you on other side and we'll catch up for some lost partying time. Rest in peace - I know you couldn't be happier right now with your mommy. Love - Michele (sis #1 of 3) And hey - bro - you are a kick-butt dancer - thanks for the dances at Kevin's wedding - that was the best last memory I have - and it makes me smile.