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  1. Our focus is on fun jumpers we are all fun jumpers and are wanting a place where we create Skydivers. We do have tandems booked but i will always keep the plane balanced with tandems / fun jumpers. We have a Grand Caravan and that leaves us enough room to keep everyone happy. As far As the attitude it was brought on because one of the posters is a DZ owner that is my direct competition and was tring to make us look bad. So they could try and make us fail in our business venture. If any other person was offended o apoligize that was not my intention. But when someone is tring to make my biz fail which in turn causes my family to suffer because this is how I provide for them then I must respond. Brad "shorty" Miller
  2. We had some cool people come out and we made some great jumps and new friends we are looking forward to this weekend to do more of the looks kinda bad friday but we will keep out fingers crossed and maybe we can jump..Sat and Sun look great some come out and enjoy this great Forida weather! Brad "shorty" Miller
  3. grand caravan is here everything is good to go Brad "shorty" Miller
  4. This post I can agree with had this been what was said I would have no problem agreeing that I didn't post enough info. And I agree the sample link you put was great. I now know how and what I should post on here and on my website. Thanks for the "constructive criticism" I will make sure future post are very much like the example given. Brad Miller Xtreme Skydivers 1-855-Go-Jumpn
  5. Panama City and Panama City Beach are 2 different places you are intentionally choosing a place farther away to cause trouble I am not sure why. In my original post I put "North of Panama City" I have never tried to trick people like you are trying to insinuate. If you have a problem with the way I inform people of where my DZ is and it bothers you that much don't come... I mean if it bothers you so much that you have to come on and try to cause drama dont come..have fun jumping where ever it is you jump and don't come hope this was clear enough and not confusing at all for you. This is my last post dealing with this bull shit. How my post to tell people to come out and have fun turned into this is mind blowing damn....... Brad Miller Xtreme Skydivers
  6. First off geography must have not been a priority for you in school because Panama City is not near that far from the Airport we are using. "That being said" We are using another airport for our beach landings and yes we will have a helicopter once we get up and running from PCB that is excited to allow us to jump from it. As soon has he gets the ok from the proper people we will add that to the website. thanks for the reminder I needed to post that. Second why is it that so many people are getting there pantys in a bunch over our DZ? Did we do something to you? We are opening our DZ and we are going to succeed no matter how many of "you" pop up. We have been working for months and spent countless dollars on getting everything in place to open a new DZ and have a great place for skydivers to come hang out and jump care free.."That being said" One thing you will not have to worry is people doing this at my DZ because its a place to have fun not cause trouble. I skydive to relive stresses of life not have them added! Jeezze!!! I mean why would people not want us to open if I had to drive 4-5 hours to a DZ to jump with my friends or have to worry about being bumped off loads for tandems then I would be all for a new DZ opening close to me. I have done nothing but make friends at all the DZ's i have been to around the US and abroad. But the day I decided to open a DZ skydivers have turned on me and have done everything they can to try and trip us up WHY???? I would sure like an answer to this "psyco"??? Hell call me my number is right there! Brad Miller-DZO www.Xtreme 985-258-9255 1-855-Go-Jumpn
  7. Calhoun co airport.. 100 agri park rd Altha FL .. It's in a small town called Blountstown .. It's kinda in between towns. Brad "shorty" Miller
  8. It's the new airport .. and it has over heads on google .. Sorry for the late post I've been very busy with planning. Brad "shorty" Miller
  9. Yes we are going to be a full time 7 day a week DZ . And this boogie is the Grand Opening for it. So come on out and make this a great event! Brad "shorty" Miller
  10. Yes we will be doing beach jumps. Brad "shorty" Miller
  11. Feb 18th - Mar 6th Spring Break Boogie We will be doing this annualy..We have a Grand Caravan, a 182 , and possibly a Heli. Venders will be there with demos and some great givaways also. You dont want to miss this just north of Panama City you will be in the heart of spring break! Brad "shorty" Miller
  12. New DZ 45 min north of Panama City Beach FL.. Opening Feb 18th come join us for some great skydiving fun! Brad "shorty" Miller
  13. bzreel01


    32 year old Male 135 lbs 485 jumps 45 on Katana 120 3 years in the sport I really enjoy this canopy it is a great step up from a sabre 135. I feel it is not to advanced for my skill level. The openings are great and on heading but they are a little slow for me... like 1200 feet to open i'd rather be open in under 900 feet. Thats just me tho.I am learning to do high preformance landings and so far I have not been in the corner with my Katana 120...If you feel you are ready for a step up I feel this is a great choice.
  14. bzreel01


    This canopy has treated me very well I own two of them 135's. I have had the best exp. with these I hear some stories about how they open hard but, if you add a pocket slider you will get very nice snivels. Rolling the nose doesn't hurt either the only hard opening I ever got was when the nose wasn't rolled. So to sum it all up roll the nose and get a pocket slider and everything will be ok. Blue Skies