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  1. I don't see why , even when they moved or changed management, they should take their website offline or should stop answering support calls/emails. This does not really give a good impression... I personally have the idea they are struggling for survival...
  2. Because that is a simple and organized way that even a monkey can understand. Well, I won't take that personnally
  3. yes, that was the info I looked for. Seems to be the trick that I needed. Thanks!
  4. well, as I am quiet new to the sport (only 40 jumps) I am still not very good at packing. Currently I am trying to squeeze a Spectre 150 into an Atom 00 D-bag. Technically I am able to get it in the bag, but a lot of times I have to start all over again. So I was looking for some tips how to pack. Various threads already exist on the topic ( "Getting the canopy into the d-bag" question) and the tip that works best for me is by putting the top of the canopy first into the d-bag. I guessed that contained more info about this method. But unfortunately, I seem to be unable to access the page...
  5. Hi Does anybody know what happened to People seem to refer frequently to it on this forum, but the link doesn't really take you to the information. Blue Skies Kristof