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  1. Another year has passed and I still miss her so very much.
  2. Arlo - I can't believe it has been 5 years either. I still miss her so very much. She was so gifted in every sport she touched. It is nice to see a post from you.
  3. Thank you so much for sharing that story with me. I am sure that Mariann is smiling as she sees her parachute gliding in the air. I don't know what Mariann's username was here on the board. I spoke to my horse friend in Dallas today, she and I used to ride together with Mariann, it was good to talk to her about all of the funny memories we had of her. She was a beautiful person and loved to PARTY! Melissa
  4. It is hard to believe that it has been 4 years since Mariann passed away. I still miss her so very much. I came here to dropzone when I heard that she passed away at a competition at Mile High in Colorado. I am not a skydiver but I know Mariann was so passionate about this sport. There was a time we couldn't get her to the barn because she wanted to go skydiving and because we loved her so much and respected her as a horse trainer we didn't mind, we were just happy if we could get a couple of days of her time. Mariann was the best horse trainer I have ever had. Nobody comes even close to her in this sport. She had a knowledge of horses that goes beyond the typical horse trainer and really understood horses to the core. I know all of you also lost someone very special in your hearts when she passed.
  5. Paula - I am so glad to hear from you and hear about Corinne and Nelson! I have wondered for years what they both were doing! I will never forget Nelson - the best dang jumper in the world. He could fly over those jumps. My favorite memory was a horse show in Las Colinas - the first jump was a single rail - Nelson hit the rail and Corinne started flying through the rest of the jump course as she knew that was not the end and there was a good chance she could be in the jump off. Corinne had nerves of steel wh ich obviously she got from training with Mariann. I also remember poor Nelson being drug tested at the horse shows. Nobody could believe how spectacular he was yet he proved it over and over again. Bailey - well he was my dream horse. A jet black gelding that was absolutely gorgeous. I wish you could have seen Gwendalyn, the mare that Mariann found for me - a true black with a white star on her forehead. I do have her foal now. Gwendalyn passed on when my foal was only 2 months old. My filly is black with a white snip which I named Jasmine but I call her Jazzy for short because she is full of piss and vinegar. When we met, I was riding Cheers and Tego as I didn't have a horse of my own and a husband that did not support my passion. I wish so much I could be at Mariann's memorial service but it is impossible right now for me to fly back to Texas. I will be there in the fall and would love to see both of you and of course Nelson! Do you still have Bailey? Email me your phone number [email protected] so we can get in touch when I come back to Dallas for a visit. Melissa aka Jasmine
  6. Let me preface by telling everyone here I am not a skydiver, have never jumped my entire life. I joined the group today to learn more about what happened to Mariann and to share with you in a forum another side to her that many of ya'll might not know about. Mariann was a professional horse trainer and rider. She was respected by everyone in the industry and had a gift with horses that I have yet to see in any other professional trainer that I have met to date. She touched so many of us riders/horse owners with her gift and her passion for horses. Mariann found my first horse for me when I was 39 years old. Previously I had trained with her riding a leased horse for over 2 years. I have known Mariann since 1997. I moved to Utah in March of 2000 yet every year when I go back to visit friends and family one of the first people I would call would be Mariann so that we could find a time to visit. My last visit with Mariann was December of last year when I went to Dalls for 3 weeks. If you are able to attend her memorial service, know that there will be a lot of women that shared the other side of Marianne, her gift with horses. My condolences to her family, to her son that lost his mother and to everyone else that knew and loved Mariann.