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    PD Stiletto 135 "Closet Queen" with under 150 Jumps!!! DOM: Aug 1996 I bought this off a mature skydiver a few years ago, as part of a third rig. He had only put around 100-125 jumps on it before it went into his closet due to retiring to non-jumper status. And then despite my best intentions, I never got a chance to put more than a handful of times on it either. Been stored away in my closet ever since. Perfect shape. No rips, burns, or any other defects. Purple topskin / light blue bottom skin. Appears as a nice medium blue when seen in the air from the ground. Only the most minor fading to the purple topskin, but otherwise still very nice and crisp. Original line-set in same awesome shape as well. Comes on Velocity hard channel mini-risers with soft links. $1000