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  1. skydivingyeti


    I visited Paradive for a day in December 2006; the staff were more than happy to help me out, set me up with gear, show me around, and arrange FS coaching for me. Here are some things to bear in mind: * If you're hiring gear, they don't have very many throw-away rigs, mainly ripcord deployment, if this is an issue ring in advance see if they can help you out. Also, they will charge you extra for an altimeter, so you might as well take one if you have one. For packing, they are happy for non-Israeli-licenced packers to repack their hired mains, however they will ask you to be checked at various points and you can't do over your shoulder, it's all on hooks. It's NIS 25 (about £3 / $5.70) for a packjob, prices correct as of December 2006. It made more sense just to pay them. Or bring your own, if that's easier. * If you want coaching, bear in mind it will cost you your ticket, your coach's ticket, AND THEN NIS 70 (Dec 2006) ... you get video as standard though, and they'll more likely than not put it on a DVD if you ask nicely. * To get to the DZ you'll either need a car or public transport from Tel Aviv or Haifa (from TA it's the 921 bus which stops at Kibbutz Habonim - from there, you can either walk 30 mins or call the DZ and get a lift!) It's an obvious advantage to speak Hebrew, but if you don't (like me) no worries, they speak English, as do many Israelis. * The DZ is smaller than most - but easy to land on. It's comparable to EmpuriaBrava in Spain, since winds hold steady almost all day, and the landing patterns are easy. * There's a mistake on the write-up, you don't need USPA membership. I certainly don't have it, and they accepted my BPA without question. * Planes in use - I'm not too sure, there was only one operational when I was there, a Cessna 212 someone told me (but I could be mistaken). suffice to say, turnaround was pretty good, and I wasnt hanging about much. I didnt have much to do with the facilities, but the toilets are clean and dry, there's a decent-looking small cafe, and the packing area seems big enough. No idea about showers, but I do know that if they take a liking to you, they'll sometimes offer to let you crash the night in the hangar, saves you finding a place to stay - this is apparently done more in the summer, with better weather and more people and all. * They'll set you up a DZ account, you just put money on it and it lasts forever, you get a four digit number and a card to store there or take with you (your choice), so the next time you come back there's no hassle. Sorted. I guess that's about all I can think of right now - it's a rocking little dropzone, well worth the travel to, but be aware that they dont operate 7 days a week, and jump prices vary depending on the day! Give them a call if you're unsure - the staff speak good English! Blue Skies!