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    I've been jumping my FreeZR for about 6 months now and not had one problem with it! I bought it for a number of reasons and it meets them all. Firstly, with having a largeish head, I found it difficult to fit into other full face helmets. With the FreeZR being a standard fit helemt with interchangeable padding to make up the fitting size, I was able to find a perfect fit instantly. I would recomend anyoe who is having problems with their FreeZR to look into changing their padding. Its very easy. I've got to say that wearing the helmet in freefall feels great. I think people wearing it worry that it feels loose. I think this may simply be due to the superb airflow system it has, as I have tried to take it off whilst still wearing the chin strap to no avail. It doesn't want to come off. It takes a little getting used to but its worth it. The final plus point is its looks. I've got it in metalic blue, which goes well with the rest of my gear. It certainly makes people take note of you!