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  1. I’ve got about 130 jumps on a dacron-lined 170 with a 1.18 wing loading. I’ve had great, on-heading openings that take 800-1000 feet to open with a pro-pack and rolled nose. It might open faster with other packing techniques but I don’t want it to (it’s nice and soft). I’ve never had line twists on this canopy. The first time I jumped it I noticed that it did not have as flat a glide as the Sabre 2 I learned on. The Spectre falls at a steeper angle. At first, I kept landing short but I’ve got it dialed in now and land very accurately. The reduced glide is really not a big deal once you get used to it. I’ve never had problems getting back from a bad spot. It’s fun to bury a toggle on this canopy - it turns sharp and quick. No problems with the flare - you can stop on a dime or slide-in on your feet, although the first couple times were kind of freaky as it comes in fast and steep before you flare. I don’t swoop yet, so I can’t comment but a couple of guys I’ve talked to claim it can be swooped, just not as far as a 9-cell. Great all-around, forgiving, soft-opening canopy!
  2. Thanks for the info Alex. I'll check out IDET. Which brand of artificial disk are you going to use? I think Prodisk is the way to go-all metal. What's the name of the surgeon you are going with? You'll have to let me know how it turns out. With an artificial disk, you'll be jumping again in no time!
  3. I've had 2 fusions in my neck - discs removed between C5 C6 C7. Not having any more issues with my neck. But now I have a bulging L5 disk which caused me some grief for a couple weeks (wasnt even jumping-just jogged 200'!) I don't know if jumping is causing all of this-I have a lifetime of skate, snowboarding, bmx and other assorted craziness. I love jumping but love walking even more. I'm wondering if anyone else has had multiple fusions/bad disks and how many jumps are on the fusions. I'm 36, 180#, jump a spectre 170 with dacron lines (pro-pack & rolled nose) and get consistantly soft openings. Anyone jumping on a bulging or fused L5?