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  1. thinking back to the early days in Indonesia, CLiff tought me how to sit fly, we laughed at our national ranking at the time. Cliff was the #1 ranks free flyer in South East Asia, #1 ranked in singapore where he lives. I was #1 ranked free flyer in Indonesia, the fact that I was the only free flyer in Indonesia did matter #1 is #1. The weeked that Marco come to jump with us & he almost gave Cliff a heart attack when he landed off, Cliff was shitting himself incase something bad happened to Marco & Cliff would have a hit out on him by the family for not looking after Marco. Luckily Marco landed safely on the Lido golf course. not on the fiarway but on the green digging a huge trench in it & pissing off lots of golfers. We got some great vidoe that weekend, some of sky diving also.
  2. no mate you know dame well you are not the only one, how many nights in Jakarta or at Lido this happened, everytime, he was a sick bastard but aren't we all. some of the things we did in Indo we would never have got away with anywhere else, it's a surprise we never got locked up.
  3. I remember the nigth the cliff made you a Randezza brother, Indonesia & singapore was a different & extreme world, Amigos in Jakarta, Lido hotel, figths with locals over pool tabels, Dag Glow aborshions, what more can be said, a great person lost he tought me how to sit fly. hardest lose I have had to hear or aprat from our other Indo friend how went in. I have not shed a tear for a long time until today I hope I don't have to again any time soon . fuck it all, I hope he had a great jump before the opening, Love to all ,& sorry for the lose, but better than crossing the road. Cliff rock on.
  4. Marco, this is Steve Black we meet & had a short but unbrideled time in Indo, also stimpies ( ashley's) wife hatede us both. cliff did so much for me, & we did so much for him, shit happens but it still hurts, the shock is what gets me, he was the one person telling me to take care & have control, sad but true, he will be missed by me and many other. I am glad we all had the times we did they will live on.