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  1. Thanks for all the posts, it has been a great help. I am jumping a vector 3 with dynamic corners cut in the container and a Pilot 168 canopy, I have mostly been flying the prodigy for approx 80 jumps and now am going to upgrade to the phantom 2, based on the information posted here I may look at buying a: 28" or 30"pilot chute and a 9' bridle, Is the 9' bridle the measurement from pin to pilot chute? or the total length of the bridal? Thanks
  2. Hi I am about to buy a new bridle and pilot chute for my rig and wanted to know what size pilot chute to buy? Also what about the distance from the pilot chute to pin? I have heard for wing suit skydiving the sizing of these items are a bit different to normal I am mostly into wing suit skydiving and have dynamic corners on my rig. Your advice would be greatly appreciated, Thank you