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  1. Hi, Thanks for the reply - in the post referred to, I couldn't find any reference to why WD40 is bad. I am aware that wd40 would attract dirt, but my main consideration at this point is whether it would be harmful to other components in the system apart from that. Cheers, D.
  2. Hi, What are the acceptable lubricants for the cutaway cable. I've heard silicon, but it's hard to get hold of. Is WD-40 okay, or could attack the look or some critical part? Thanks, Dimbo.
  3. Hi all, Thanks for the replies. As you can see below, Kai from Airtec offered to find out what was going on. I gave hime the serial number, and he emailed me back immediately with the information. Actually the turnaround was only 2 weeks. It was sent to target airsports in the UK instead of Spain. GOOD WORK AIRTEC. WELL DONE ON YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE. THANKS KAI FOR SORTING THIS OUT FOR ME. What pisses me off is that I have been hassling skydive spain for 6 weeks asking when it will be ready. WHY DID THEY NOT GET IN CONTACT WITH AIRTEC TO FIND OUT WHAT THE DELAY WAS ABOUT. THEY COULD HAVE CLEARED THE MATTER UP INSTANTLY WEEKS AGO!!!!!
  4. Hi all, This is very frustrating because I live in Spain and it is a great time of jear to jump here. I haven't got hundreds of jumps and like to keep current (without renting gear, and therefore doing half the no. of jumps). 2 months (and still waiting) seems pretty excesive to me!!!!!! Anyone disagree?
  5. Hi, I am a newbie also. I bought a 1998 sabre 1 150, and the openings were more 'brisk' (but not brutal) than any of the rigs I had hired. I have only 50 jumps on the canopy - so maybe you can discount my analysis as male cow excrement... I had pockets sewn on the slider, and the openings seem more constant. The opening takes +-200m (600ft). The problem seems to be that the slider comes down the lines in one quick movement. ie. it is up, slows me for a few moments, and then is instantly down. If I roll the nose, the part with the slider up lasts longer, and the opening takes longer. It is not any softer however. Perhaps the slider up part of the opening already slows me as much as it can with its open surface area, and reaches an equilibrium. Perhaps rolling the nose only causes this phase to last longer (ie. I stay at the same descent rate for a few extra seconds without slowing further) before the slider descends suddenly in one movement, thus increasing the opening time, but not opening shock. Anyway. The openings are now OK (so far). I don't bother rolling the nose nowadays. I do take good care of the slider during packing. I do not ever watch the opening as I have done with other canopies, and always do some good neck stretching exercises at the start of the day. Feel free to regard all of the above as not worth the server space it's stored on....
  6. Hi, Where is the best and cheapest place to buy elastic bands for packing? I live in Spain. Thanks, Demian
  7. Hi, I have a friend who is interested in skydiving, but has not got fully formed hands. He has asked me to try and find out if it is possible. First off, this sounds a lot worse than it is. He is able to drive a normal car, is a very good paraglider pilot and has the ability to grip things pretty well. He has a kind of opposing digit on both hands, and although they are small, he uses them to great effect. The problem, as I see it (and I don't know shit), is that the cutaway sponge would have to be a hoop (which he could grab pretty securely I would say). Grabbing a hackey or other type of handle would probably be a problem. Could he open with a rip-chord? Solutions please..........
  8. Hi all, YES, I know it is not a base jump from a paraglider, but please bear with me......I thought that you guys would probably know the most about this subject. I am an experienced paraglider and an inexperienced skydiver (40 jumps). I want to jump from my tandem paraglider and am not quite sure of an appropriate height AGL. I will be using a normal rig (Vector 3, Sabre 150) with reserve etc.. I plan to jump at 1800m AGL and open at 1000m AGL. My question is this : after releasing, how long will it take to feel 'normal' air speed? By this I mean that if I let myself fall off backwards, how long before I would feel enough relative wind to flip myself over easily? And YES, I have recruited an experienced BASE jumper to help me with this - I just want as many opinions as possible. Thanks
  9. Hi all, I have a Galaxy 3 altimeter in feet, but would be much happier working in metres - how hard would it be to a) get hold of a metric faceplate b) fit it (I live in Spain) Thanks
  10. Is it bad for rig to be stored for 2 years without use? What could happen to it? Thanks
  11. Hi all, I know this should ultimately be done by a master rigger, but can you give me some hot tips for things to look out for: The rig is a 1998 vector 3, tempo 150 reserve and sabre I 150 main
  12. Hi, The rig has 250 jumps on grass and has been in storage for 2 years. Thanks