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  1. I think people NEED to stop saying shit they don't know what they are talking about! I haven't made a single dime off of any of this!!! Nothing I have said to the media has been bullshit...I am sorry if you think a near death ACCIDENT is bullshit...shows how large a heart you...and many others have. FYI I haven't even been home to check any other site for that matter in over a week...and neither has Rick. If people want to ban me for having a skydiving accident then it will be a loss of money for them. I am going to keep jumping, and so is Rick. That is our choice, and no one elses. I want someone to tell me something that I specifically said that is so called "ruining" skydiving. All I ever say is that it was I am a STUDENT...and it was MY FAULT...and that I still LOVE the sport...and YES...I will do it again. Please tell me what is so wrong with that?!?!? Like I said up can choose to hear the truth or not...I haven't made a cent from any of this. I have nearly $200,000 in medical bills plus nearly $25,000 to get my teeth back. I simply wanted to ask America for help. Why should I have to run around with no teeth in my mouth for the rest of my life because of a accident?!?!? I need help, and this country is full of people who can do just that...and I will find them! If you, or any other skydivier has a problem with it you can dwell on it in your hearts...and maybe sometime actually listen to one of the news programs...and hear what I am saying. At no point am I saying anything bad about skydiving. I would like to point out that right after the accident I went on to industrial haze...myself...and explained the accident...that still didn't stop the rumurs. So why now would I want to waste my time going on to or industrial haze when you all have clearly made up your minds what you think to be the truth. I am starting to think that it is not my story hurting skydiving, but so called "friends" that are out to ruin someone for having an accident. I was jumping a canopy that I personally asked a professional from PD about jumping...and was told there was nothing wrong with that canopy. I weigh 120 lbs...the canopy was a 190!!! My reserve was not a 120...I would like to know the dumbass who just thought they knew something...but like the rest of you know reserve was a 170...again at 120 lbs was more then big if I really went up planning to use it. I had 4 instuctors...and I was trained in my first jump course by the best of the best at Freefall Express...and no I am not talking about Rick...although I find him to be an excellent instructor. I think everyone in the skydiving community simply has forgotten what an "accident" is. I was trained the same as all the other students, and the "accident" was my fault...and NO ONE elses. I had a perfect skydive in which I got stable, did my circle of awarness, waved off, and deployed on time. Rick was right there helping me and correcting me during the dive. Once I was under the canopy what could he possibly do to help me?!?! It was up to me to know what to do, and how to react to a problem. It isn't that I wasn't taught what to do...I simply paniced and didn't do it. So, how is this Rick's fault, or any of my other instructors for that matter? I think everyone at or industrial haze needs to get a life, and get out of mine! I am not going to explain anything again, or try to clear my name or Rick's. We know the truth, and luckly so do the people who matter...which guess what...aren't ANY of you! I do nothing but promote skydiving, and my love for the sport. If you still have a problem with it I will just have to ask you to search your heart...and talk to God. To me it seems like you are all questioning his amazing works?!?!?! Edited by slotperfect to change subject line to title case (was all caps), and broke the long post into paragraphs to make it easier to read. Get over it, Shayna