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  1. check their latest.
  2. Some badass flying with them french canadians.
  3. hey here's a great video of VFS over PArachute Montreal in Quebec, Canada. Shot with GoPro HD Hero
  4. Hi everyone, The building site of Skyventure Montreal is shut down for the construction holidays in Quebec, we restart on August 4. Happy Holidays!! [IMG][/IMG]
  5. To all the westerners.... The owners of Skyventure Montreal have already bought the rights of franchise for all major canadian cities. So vancouver will get his skyventure too.
  6. hi, I know the 5 major owners of the Montreal SkyVenture tunnel. 1-Officially It will be located in Laval, on highway 15 near the space center. 2-All the finance has been secured, and the start of the construction is scheduled on beginning of April 08. The official opening is scheduled on december 08. hope this helps.
  7. whats up with the conspiracy theorist? Guys i assure you, that guy was not doing it on purpose. That was suppose to be his jump but we sent him back with one instructor after that because he was clearly not able to be solo. However, the guy did a few solo jumps before that wihtout incident.
  8. A AFF student bragging that he is so in control that he is called mr.control.