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  1. howdy folks, going to be in the Havasu area and was wondering if any one had suggestions on DZ's. I realize nothing is close but Las Vegas, so any suggestions would be nice. ...and for the record its 11.0 now
  2. Well one thing I have learned from this is that the person I talked to about these canopies before was high or I drasticly misunderstood what they said. However this person is EXTREMLY conservative because they own a dropzone and don't want to see people get hurt when they can help control the envoirment. And when I get to the beach in couple weeks I will be clearing up the miscommunication. I am eager to learn to swoop, but not at risk of myself or others. I understand the whole not getting ahead of yourself blah blah blah. And I will probably go back to Sabre2 anyway so rest at ease brother. ...and for the record its 11.0 now
  3. Cool thanks, I was just curious because I had one availible to me. Prob just go back to the Sabre2. I like the post, facts and opinions with no attitude. ...and for the record its 11.0 now
  4. Well I was curious, because I have never jumped canopies like the Katana. So the only thing I have to compair it to would be the Stiletto. So I ask would I notice a big differance between the two. Now if you really think "making people mad" is going to keep someone from doing something stupid... Well I think you just sound like an ass. Do you talk to people that way in person? Or only when you have the safety of the computer? I would like to think you have more social skills than that. I think approaching the situation like an adult and drawing the proper conclusion before saying something that makes you sound like douche. And besides since when has making people mad make them listen. ...and for the record its 11.0 now
  5. Umm ok nazi? Well opinions are like as... or no is it asses are like hmmm.... I can never remember. ...and for the record its 11.0 now
  6. Now I remember why I dont post on here. I was trying to get info... Not to rationalize flying something I have not right to be flying. I have NO INTEREST in flying a Katana right now. You obviously take me as moron with an ego problem. All in all you are... ah fuc it whats the point. ...and for the record its 11.0 now
  7. Oh one other thing does anyone have any feelings on the Nitron??? ...and for the record its 11.0 now
  8. Well, I am not in hurry to learn to swoop. The only thing I feel is different is the dive recovery. Between my last canopy sabre2 170 and my now canopy Stil 150 I mean. Obviously it turns faster too... Flare alittle different , no problem landing it so far all standups a couple with no wind. Not seeing what all the fuss is about. Would I notice a big differance between the stiletto and the Katana? ...and for the record its 11.0 now
  9. Yeah my last canopy was a sabre2 170, got a screamin deal on this new one with the stiletto 150. So I wasn't to conserned with what the main was cause I will just flip it and pick up something more suitable to my needs. Thanks for the input. ...and for the record its 11.0 now
  10. I just bought a new to me rig, with said hard opening, very quick dive recovery... too quick for my liking stilleto 150. I plan on learning to swoop. Its a blast to fly, But quick recovery plus my learning curve Blah Blah I was told katana would be a better choice. Comments or suggestions appreciated. Cheers ...and for the record its 11.0 now
  11. Chicks love it... or maybe thats why I only go out with them once? ...and for the record its 11.0 now
  12. Whats up everyone? I am going to brazil in july, any suggestions? skydiving related or not thanks ...and for the record its 11.0 now
  13. thanks i had a discussion with a non jumper and just want some facts for my case ...and for the record its 11.0 now
  14. hey all does anyone know where i can get statistics on fatalites vs # of jumps made per year like you have a 1 in 10000 chance in dieing in a car wreck type info cheers k ...and for the record its 11.0 now