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  1. Missing you every day my dear girl, but mostly today. It is so hard to believe we lost you 10 years ago. You now have those wings to keep you in the air. No more planes or parachutes. Fly free my precious one. You have taught so many so well. Praying you, Piers, Egon and Bruno are toasting tonight. Don't forget to hug our loved ones with you for me and Uncle Red. WE MISS YOU EVERY DAY. Thanking God that love is eternal!
  2. It's been a while since I have posted. Not because I forget to, but sometimes it is difficult. July 30 this year will mark the 10 year anniversary of Krystal's sunset. That is hard to take. So many things have happened in those years, but one of the BEST was the Grad School Graduation and the Marriage of Krys' Sister Jaime. Now known as Jaime Koch Hastings. We know Krystal was right there with Jaime on that beautiful September 27, 2014 day! We Love You Krystal Forever and Always!
  3. It's sometimes hard to believe Krys has been gone 8 years. Sometimes it seems like yesterday she was playing the flute in our wedding and yet reality strikes. July 30th will never be the same for our family and I am sure her friends feel the same. We carry on and try to live by the lessons she taught us by being the remarkable person she was. She was born an amazing soul and I am sure she is an amazing angel. I will love her and miss her until my final breath. We shall meet again one day. Love from Aunt Mimi!
  4. Today is the anniversary of Krystal's sunrise. Yet another birthday passes. Fortunately the memories do not. We love you Krys, and miss you terribly. XOXO
  5. Can you believe today is 7 years. For those who never had the chance to know her, she is AMAZING!!!! Just google her name, I need say nothing more. Our hearts still break, we continue to shed tears but we continue to cherish our memories. Our family is stronger for the lessons she taught us. Today her mom, dad and sister returned to Key West and tossed those roses as they do every year. Aunt Mimi and Uncle Red toasted and fed her Crepe Mertle tree with Heinekin (to our "green bottle" girl). To her friends/extended family, I'm sure she is watching over you and I know how much she loves you; then and forever. I always come back to this site as I know how much this family means to her. Thank you.
  6. Another year gone by. Krys you are still as fresh in our hearts and thoughts. Cherished and missed. Continue to Fly free. We all love and miss you so much. The hurt is still here but we know you are free. XOXOXO Aunt Kimmie and Red.
  7. Hey got your 6-pack last night. Someday you'll get them without tears!!! We love you and hope the green bottle are loved by all of you (Piers, Egon, Bruno and of course YOU!!!!) Thinking of you yesterday, today and always!!! xoxoxoxo
  8. Hi Krystal!!! It will 5 years tomorrow!!! How time flies sometimes, but slows when we think of all our memories of you.....We know you are flying high!!! You will get your flowers in the Keys tomorrow; Mom, Dad and Jaime are already there and ready to throw them to you. You will also get your green bottle toast tomorrow from me and Uncle Red and all your St. Augustine Friends. We really miss you sweetie. It's so surreal; we all miss you so much as I know all your friends do too. We will see each other again someday. We love you and always will.....Aunt Kimmie/Uncle Red
  9. Ok...It's been 4 years of Christmases that we miss Krys....Uncle Red bought me a digital frame this year and let me tell you......The best is downloading all the pics of Krys and her extended family. I now have over 2000 pics on there (OK, not ALL of her,but more than anyone else). Every one of the pictures brings all those WONDERFUL memories back. We are truly enjoying seeing the (memory) pictures of her smiling face.....She never was without a smile. Thank you to all of her friends who kept that smile on her face. We are sooooo proud! Krys.........We love you and will cherish your memory forever. We miss you. LUV U forever....Aunt Kimmie/Uncle Red
  10. Happy Birthday Krys....You are truly flying high and watching over all of us. We will love you forever and never forget the memories. xoxoxox
  11. Krystal is in our thoughts every day. Can't believe 4 years have gone by since her sunset. We'll be toasting her tonight. Also remembering Piers, Egon and Bruno this night. Hopefully they are all having fun together!
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRYSTAL! We love you and miss you. You are forever in our hearts! Aunt Kimmie and Uncle Red!
  13. Thank you....Thank you....Thank you....for remembering an awesome group!!!!! I'm sure Krys, Piers, Egon and Bruno would be in awe of the remembrances.....Thanks also for the pictures. Seeing pictures of Krys and the boys we haven't seen before is awesome....and Krys...always with a smile on her face. We can't thank you enough......Aunt Kimmie
  14. It's hard to believe that 3 years have gone by. Seems like yesterday that you Krys were flying high! With those bright green eyes, vibrant smile and life goals set as high as you could ever fly. Not a day passes that we don't celebrate your life with us. Someday we will be celebrating with you again. Come on by for your heinekin celebration tonight. Your leaving us has been devistating but we have learned so much from you. You truly are a blessing that God gave us for those 21 years. We love you always!
  15. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Krys..... Wherever you are, whatever you are doing I know it's purposeful.....You are our inspiration and we will miss you always, think of you daily and love you forever.....We're sure you are at peace and following the MRO and everything that had meaning in your earthly time. Keep sending those messages.....we know you are watching over us.....LOVE Aunt Kimmie and Uncle Red.