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  1. thanks once again, for everybody's help. I finally called crosskeys (after not hearing from them, all week) and they got back to me and said they can take us! I'm so excited...I suppose now it's just a matter of helping Nancy realize she wants to do this and calm her down. I hope she follows through with it, but only time will tell!!! But, I just wanted to say thanks again to all you's for helping me out and your input! I couldn't have found crosskeys without ya's!!! Have a great weekend! :)
  2. well yeah, a lil of that couldn't hurt!!! JK... I want to own a white baby grand piano (I've been playing since I was 5) and also a harley. I luv to feel the wind in my hair and feel's such a great feeling!
  3. wow...thank you all soooo much for your help! I have been corresponding with quite a few different dropzones and the most promising right now looks to be either crosskeys in NJ or skys the limit, also in NJ. skys the limit said they've taken "people with disabilities" before, but failed to say if they have any experience with quads. I only wrote to crosskeys today (monday AM) and haven't heard back just yet (but it's only monday nite), but I know you guys said they've dealt with quads before....and I think it'd be better to go where they have the experience, just so our minds are a little more at ease. But, thanks once again for the ideas and keep 'em coming, if you don't mind!! :)
  4. Hi! I did my first jump 5 years ago, for my 18th birthday. (it was one of three things to do, before I die...only 2 more to go!!!). I only now found this site by trying to find a site to handle a quadriplegic jumper. I'm hoping to make jumping a regular part of my life, but rite now I'm still in college and the funds are sort of impeding that goal. So, hi everybody and glad to have found you! :)
  5. thank you both for your quick replies. I actually ran the spellcheck on my comp and it didn't catch the incorrect spelling. Anyways, I also wrote emails to a few DZ's and either Don or Darlene got back to me already and said that they actually don't do that and suggested I contact Maytown. So, I just did that. Where is Crosskeys?
  6. Hi, I am new to I went for the first time, about 5 years ago and want to go again, with a friend of mine (she's sort of my boss...). I work as a private duty nurse aide, for a quadriplegic woman and she has expressed a desire to skydive. We live in central Pennsylvania and I was wondering if anybody knows of any DZ's somewhere in PA, that can accommodate a quad? I'm new to this and other than writing or calling numerous DZs, I don't know where to begin, I thought I'd ask around a bit and try to get advice. Thanks and have a great day!!!