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  1. Thank you everyone for your feedback. I will be sure to follow all of this advice. I do have confidence that the training will prepare me for the day a cut-away comes. I just really want to know how confident experienced skydivers feel that they will make it back hone to their loved ones alive and well from a day at the dropzone. I read a fatality report about a skydiver that left a note on her dresser with instructions on how to take care of her affairs in the event of her demise before she headed for the DZ. She ended up being a statistic. I feel that if a skydiver feels that way everytime he or she is headed to the DZ, it's not worth the risk and the anxiety. Apparently, she was not too confident she would come back alive from a day of jumping. :(
  2. I agree with your statement. My problem is that I keep finding myself watching skydiving videos and thinking that it would be a lot fun if I could just calm down. But, as you say, it is an extreme sport and you are in fact risking your life. I jut wonder how many jumpers feel the anxiety of fear everytime the head to the dropzone.
  3. Hello everyone. I am very new to the sport with 5 jumps, 4 AFF. To be quite honest, my first jumps I was scared shitless and never completed my AFF. I want to ask the experienced skydivers out there a question. When you jump, how confident are you that in reality your main will open correctly? I know the statistics. I want to know how experienced jumpers feel. Does the scared shitless felling ever really leave? The high level of anxiety I felt made it not very much fun. All I did was pray the whole time and I felt like I was playing russian roulette with my life.