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  1. The difference between the way Brian Erler runs LISC and Skydive South Shore and how Martin Audit runs 516-SKYDIVE, is honesty. All three dropzones are tandem factories, and there are usually no ATC restrictions. Brian Erler leads his customers to believe that they'll jump from 10K'. Martin Audit tells his that they'll go to 8,000' ... and he treats his staff with the same respect. I was amazed at the difference. There are still good DZOs out there; Martin is one of them.***JayFitz164 wrote: Don't have a dog in this fight on the non compete but I saw a video on Facebook of a kid I know doing a tandem out there this summer. Perfectly clear day with no clouds and they got out of the plane at 8,100 feet. Granted the video intro says they only go to 10k but the alti shot in the door says 8k. Looks like its a smooth way to make cash of newbies for not much of a skydive.***I have even less of a dog in the fight (well, maybe lol.. all I know is I know nothing about the details or the people involved), but ATC restrictions happen. I'd bet that on Long Island, it would not be uncommon. Remster
  2. Not really in my interest to be treated as an employee, but thanks for the suggestion. ***Have you considered filling an ss8 form?
  3. What this has to do with this thread, Nick, I don't know, but actually pretty much all DZs pay workers' comp premiums these days. You didn't know? Brian Erler wouldn't pay them unless he had to...
  4. I can Dropbox the pDf files if you want to read them (they are too big to upload here) & yes, it's New York...
  5. Hey there Nick Celinski! I'm not lashing out, but merely bringing this issue out to a wider audience. I was fired in Sept 2014, for alleged sexual harassment, which was bs because it didn't happen. Erler and I had had our differences over the years, but what really showed his true colors was when he decided to pay the TIs $2 less per jump...after they had showed up there. I know he's your friend, but doesn't that show a little lack of respect for what we do...when everybody elses' pay has gone up since 2006?
  6. The case number is 605364/2015 in the Supreme Court of the State of NY, County of Suffolk. The attachment here is the arguments that I was not allowed to present at the hearing. My answer to the summons may or may not be online, but I can put it on Dropbox if you want. As I said before, the legal thing is done and dealt with. If you think it could be resurrected (in my favor), please let me know, but as I also said earlier, the two-month window for making an appeal has already closed...
  7. Thanks for the links, and thanks to all for your support, but as I mentioned earlier, it's all over, and I cannot work on Long Island until September 2016. I received a summons on 23 May; the judge handed down his decision 05 June; and the window of time (2 months) in which to make an appeal has closed. I just wanted to bring the issue up here to let as many people as possible know about Brian Erler's morally questionable business practices. Thanks again guys.
  8. Exactly But he got away with it It's wrong, but legal (see above reply)
  9. Thank you (& give my best to all at Clonbollogue) Unfortunately, it's all done. The non-compete clause IS enforceable here because New York has "at will" employment laws. Erler got a hit squad of lawyers to fast-track it through the Suffolk County Supreme Court. Personally, I think the money he spent doing so would have been better used at a therapist's And for the future, I will NEVER again sign away my right to work anywhere I choose
  10. Yup. He makes all his subcontractors - TIs, pilots, packers - sign the "non-compete" thing. As if we're in competition with him if we work somewhere else??? Now, if I opened my own DZ, it would be a different matter...but I'm not. I just want to get the word out about what has happened with me, so that other folks can make an informed decision about whether or not they want to work for Brian Erler.
  11. Yup, I signed it. Had no option at the time, as he sprung it on me after I had got into debt traveling 2,600 miles to get back there. He also cut the pay per jump by a couple of bucks, claiming hardship. He was a decent enough guy to work for when I first went there, but over the last few years...
  12. Consider carefully before going to work for Brian Erler at either of his two dropzones (Long Island Skydiving Center, and Skydive South Shore). I was a TI at LISC from April 2006 until September 2014. At the start of the 2014 season he added a “non-compete” clause to his Independent Contractor Agreement, which prohibits you from working within a 50-mile radius of his DZs for 2 years. In other words, if you go work for him, you can’t work at either Skydive Long Island in Calverton, or 516-SKYDIVE at Lufker’s. At the beginning of this year’s season I went to work at 516-SKYDIVE. My reasons for staying in the area include wanting to support my girlfriend, who’s getting chemotherapy for breast cancer. Brian Erler sued me for breach of contract and got a court order preventing me from working on Long Island. It is estimated that Brian Erler makes well in excess of $300,000 a year from his two dropzones. In 2014 I made $34,715. My working at another DZ does nothing to harm his business. I believe he was just being vindictive and trying to harm his competition. So, if you want to work on Long Island next summer, think about your options.