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  1. That is fantastic! hope it keeps going good.
  2. Yeah, tandems should be their own catagory.
  3. Very cool. same her I have had a total during a CREW jump (I resolved that by hand opening container unsticking lines and tossing canopy) and been on my back 3 times with BAD line twists, fixed those too
  4. Absolutely NOT!!!! Clear the lines, get it in the bag. My line stows are pretty good though.. packers packed about 1000 of those jumps.
  5. Beer thirty discussion we had recently, how long and how many jumps have you gone without a cutaway??? I have gone 24 years, between 4800 and 5100 jumps (stopped logging 10 years ago) most of the jumps were on stilleto 107s, an Alpha 104 a saber 120 I use for tight demos and wingsuiting. and assorted others velos, xaos even my first canopy, an excaliber 150.
  6. Welcome to our little world. As an AFFI for 20 years and a wingsuiter, here are my two cents. break up your goal of wingsuiting into more easily handled pieces. First concentrate really hard to become a SAFE, heads up skydiver during AFF. Get some coaching after you graduate to expand your skill sets. Get your licenses. Learn the fun art of tracking dives. Finally, get with a wingsuit instructor find out what they recommend for reaching your goals. Ask questions of QUALIFIED jumpers. LOVE EVERY MINUTE YOU PUT IN THE SPORT. Hope your journey is safe, fun and wish fulfilling.
  7. You have just entered the realm of being a skydiver and not a student. You did not perform what you attempted and had it go sideways. you resolved the issue and performed what every AFFI like myself loves to see BACK TO THE BASICS!!!!! Good job. Now it is decision time, are you willing to go there again and put yourself there again pushing your personal flight envelope and learning. FEAR IS YOUR FRIEND, use it to learn. TERROR is the ENEMY. Terror is fear sublimated and you freeze. That is NOT what happened here. Make this most personal decision by yourself. If you choose to continue, give it 100%. Blue Skies
  8. Definitely wait until you get past the initial training, full face helmets have an isolating effect and may prevent you from hearing or seeing traffic or issues. Full face helmets also have some distortion in the peripheral part of the lenses. Once you get a bit of a handle on the basics then it can be a great choice especially for cold weather or relative work. As an AFFI , I would not allow a student to jump a full face helmet during training.
  9. So very true you start your learning on real jumps. There will be a time or two when if you let the student go, you will not be able to get them again and even an AAD may not help due to how badly flailing they are, you then realize, wow, this could be a fatality, I need to pull them with some sense of control.
  10. Definitely get what you're saying and agree that you don't want to get a candidate hurt, however a highly structured just try to hold on in an upside down spin then a separate just try to hold on in a tumble would really open some eyes.
  11. Just a thought, there I was, tumbling and spinning with a student who went completely haywire and I have to deploy him while spinning on our backs because it was only going to get worse. My stray thought was they DO NOT prepare the new AFFIs for this kind of thing. Been jumping 22 years and been teaching AFF for 18. Think it should be a requirement for new AFFI candidates to experience HARD spinning/fighting/multi-flipping in a precourse.