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  1. I am moving to Truckee and want to know if anyone has heard anything about a DZ goin in at the Truckee airport or in South Lake?
  2. I don't have the right kind of helmet to mount it yet.
  3. Well i don't know. Im just guessing. all i want to know is what instrument i should trust and if i should move my pro track to a more accurate place.
  4. I was in a stand for about 20 seconds so i think its enough time to build up the speed. Do i have to get jump track to graph it?
  5. I have a vigil AAD and a Pro Track. My vigil says that on my last jump i was going 209 MPH and my Pro track says that i was going 180 MPH. I keep the Pro track in my thigh pocket in my pants. Wich is more accurate and how can they be so far off from one another?
  6. Thanks for the info. I missed one at hollister this weekend.
  7. I was just wondering what a speed star was?
  8. Just wanted to know what people have thought about their dolphins and if they liked them or not. I am thinking of buying one.
  9. I am new to the sport as you can see and i am asking a lot of questions. I have been warned about people trying to sell gear just to get it off their hands and gear not being up to par. This is the last sport i would expect a person to be unethical in and i was wondering if any of you had experienced this first hand and the advice you have for the newbies.
  10. Yes the DOM on the container is correct. The main is a sabre 170 DOM 1995 with 42 jumps. The reserve is a glide path firelite model# SN FL 1006R with no reserve rides.
  11. Thanks i'll email him right away.
  12. I have found a used rig and have not had time to talk to my jump masters yet to see what they think. It is a 1988 javelin that looks in really good condition. The resereve was repacked in june of 04 where the rigger cleared the entire rig for jumping. the mains DOM was 1995 and has 42 jumps on it by this jumper. It is a great deal but i want to know how long i can expect this rig to last and some questions to ask the seller and my jump masters. Thanks. Sulli
  13. I'm new to the sport and want to know what exactly freeflying is?