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  1. Anyone heard of telling your student to remove their RSL, then clearing your risers before cutting away and deploying your reserve..? Just a question one of our instructors asked me. Said she taught this at her old dropzone. sounds a little difficult to do if you are a student. Trying to find your RSL while plummeting to your death pilotchute round your arm. Ive seen some tandem instructors not be able to find their RSL on a system check during drogue fall...! Our drills are similar to what has already been posted. Try to remove twice and if you cant then cutawayand pull your reserve.... Any other options out there.? Jonno
  2. Just an enquiry about what different dropzones teach STUDENTS to do with a horseshoe malfunction. I'm talking a pilotchute or and bridal wrapped around the arm, leg, head or gear. The canopy is still in the bag and bag is either in the container or out with some lines deployed. Thanks in advance Jonno
  3. Yep got Vigil 2s in almost all of our centre equipment now, When the remaining cypres's die out after 12 years then we will be replacing them with vigil 2s aswell. The reason we went for vigils is that if I have an aad go down during a jumping day in any of our equipment like the cypres batts need changing I can reove any vigil and stick it in any gear, tandem, student hire etc. in about 20 mins and have that gear back on the road earning money. We also went for Vigils because I dont want to pay 200 euros dollars whatever every 4 years for a service and also have my gear with out an AAd for 2 weeks.. Have had our vigils for about 6 months now and 200 jumps approx each, not had any problems with any of them. Like it was said before you need to be carefull that people hiring / using your gear are not changing the settings. At our DZ anyone hiring our kit gets a gear check before boarding the aircraft to guarantee they not jumping a hire kit set on Tandem or student etc. Hope this helps Jonno
  4. We have had our new student equipment at Skydive Spain in Seville for about 6 months now. All Vector student editions, all with adjustable main lift webs. Container sizes range from 220sq ft to 300 sq ft. All the gear has now done about 200 jumps each and we as a centre and me as the rigger are very happy with them. What I liked about these containers was the flap security, so when you have a student unstable for a while, you are sure the flaps and pins are not moving. Also pleased that all vector student editions come with the skyhook as standard. And finally from a riggers point of view this container is build modular from lots more pieces. So if for instance your student lands on the runway and rolls around and distroys the reserve flap then you just remove it and stick a new one on without having to rebuild the whole rig. same for the dust covers. genius... Hope this helps. Jonno
  5. This is a suplier I found in the US, if this is any help to anyone. http://www.m2inc.biz/medical/Catalog-100.htm#systemone And yes the types sold by Cookie and 2KC are what I want, just at a source price thanks for the help anyhow
  6. Hey does anyone have a source for chin strap ladder straps with ratchets. A european source would be better but any source would be good as well. thanks for any help Jonno
  7. Does anybody know of a source for chin strap ladder straps and ratchets..? a european source would be better but any source would be good as well. thanks for any help Jonno
  8. Hey wondering if anybody has a source for line sets for a JVX. I need one for an 84 and one for a 77. Not sure of the line type. Something like 500 HMA. I live in Europe so would be better from Europe but if thats not possible anywhere would be good. Thanks for any help
  9. Does anyone know where I can get hold of some good quality malfunction and nuisance factor (twists, end cell closure, slider up) photos please. Jonno
  10. Hey anyone got a contact for a place that will print on binding tape or something similar. For pull ups. Thanks Jonno
  11. Hi wondering if anyone can help me finding a DPRE in the Florida area. I have a potental rigger who has been rigging / working under my supervision for the last 6 months. I would now like to have him examined for a senior ticket. We both live in southern Spain (horrible I know) and thought it would be helpfull for him before, during or after his course to experience a few different parachute manufacturing plants. To see how the experts do it. If anyone can help us with information it would be much appreciated. below is my contact information. regards Jonno Horne [email protected] +34 666833934
  12. Can anyone tell me where I can do a master rigger course. I live in Spain but willing to come the the US. Im not sure if anyone does courses in Europe.? Jonno