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  1. Merci Rémi! I won't be able to make it for the boogie, vacation is planned the 3rd or 4th week of August. So if I take out FL, AZ and CA, what would be my best bet then? Just want to get on 5-7 loads per day (weekdays) and maybe get some coach jumps.
  2. So, I'm planning a 2-weeks skydiving binge mid-august and looking for the best DZ to go in the US in August. I only have 101 jumps, B lic, and looking for: - good weather - coach jumps - lots of loads, all day long (weekdays) - good vibe, camping/hotel close-by - at least a turbine running week days with fun jumpers - tunnel close-by would be a plus - packers would be a plus Any recommendations? ZHills? Elsinore? Eloy? Sebastian? Perris? Thx!
  3. I bought a Mirage G4 M3, Crossfire149 and PD Optimum 160 about 2 years ago. Since I didn't jump last summer, I would like to upsize my main with a PD Pulse 170 but I cannot find any packing volume size info and the Pulse is not on the sizing chart on Mirage website. From what I heard, the Pulse packs 1-2 size smaller than the crossfire, which should fit in my rig. Anyone can confirm that by any chance? Thanks, David
  4. Hey all. Does anyone know the weight of the Mirage G4 (M4) and Vortex II (4) ? Trying to compare both of them, with all optional rings on and legstrap padding. I heard the Vortex is quite lighter, but I'm double checking. Anyone?
  5. That's interesting. I guess not everyone have the same learning curve. I did 85 jumps out of my 100 on the hurricane 170 ^^
  6. Wow thanks! I'm reading really good things about the Pilot. It's definitely on my list now.
  7. Hey all. I'm looking for advices on gear selection. Before you all go off on the 'buy used and put yo money on jump tickets', my rig got stolen and insurance covers the loss. So I actually need to buy new. Money is not an issue as long as I stay within the replacement cost (6.5-7k list price). I'm looking for advices, tips, helpful opinions on some gear. If you tried them, please send me a message or reply here with your opinion! - Container: Mirage G4 vs Vortex II vs Mirage G3 ? - Main: Safire2 159 vs Hurricane 170 vs ?? Especially on the canopy. If anyone tried them both and could tell me how they fly compared to each other. I was flying a Hurricane 170, and liked it. Opens relatively fast and smooth, aggressive on turns, nice flare. I don't know how the Safire2 would compare to it, and even if a Crossfire2 would be more comparable to the Hurricane. I hope someone can help me. Container: I'm not pro at packing. So for me, the easiest to pack is ideal. Just looking for a good all-around container (freefly ready, etc.). Thanks in advance. Hope to get constructive and instructive answers!
  8. droyer


    Grey Vortex II, with yellow. There is a blood stain on the front of the rig.
  9. droyer

    Vigil 2

  10. How often do you jump a camera? Nave you weighed yourself with all your gear on? Thanks everyone for the amazing inputs. I pretty much made my mind not to downsize to 149. That's too steep for me at this point. I don't jump cameras yet, and when I will do, it'll be a gopro anyways. Just waiting for a proper mount for my helmet. Again, thanks all!
  11. I've got 84 jumps on it. Bought it right after completing my solo.
  12. Can you do this with your hornet? http://www.dropzone.com/safety/Canopy_Control/Downsizing_Checklist_47.html Yea. Definitely and easily.
  13. Hey all. First of all, thanks in advance for reading this, and hopefully giving me a piece of advice... or two! It's time for me to buy a new complete rig. I'm a beginner (100 jumps), 165lbs, and was jumping a Vortex II / Hurricane 170 rig. Even after 100ish jumps, I got very comfortable with the Hurricane 170, although I do not swoop just yet. I'm thinking going with a Mirage G4 + Safire2 149. I was wondering how the handling of the Safire2 was, compared to a full elliptical like the Hurricane. Also, I'll be going from 1.12 to 1.26. I'm not sure what the jump in size will look like. Any piece of advice out there? Oh also, I was thinking going with the Icarus Reserve 149. Thanks in advance!!