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  1. To work like a cameraFlyer, which one is the best: GoPro or Cx 110/150 Sony? Why? Thanks for the support!
  2. Which one is better to learn swoops? Sabre 2 or Safire 2?
  3. I have Safire2 129 and i am change for something like 120. But i still have a doubt for which one is better for swoops, Safire or Sabre. And if the crossfire2 is a so much more advanced than Safire 2 or Sabre 2.
  4. I read that cx110 have some problems with umidity.Not works well, with problems with zoom? If you skydive in some place humidity, cx 110 is a piece of sheet?Thats right?
  5. Hey guys, what is better for a Photography Lens, to use for skydive/tandems Sigma 10:20mm or Sigma 15mm?
  6. I am getting a Safire or Sabre 120, and want a buy a new rig for me? Which one, you guys, have to tell me about this rigs: Infinity x Javelin X Icon. You think the infinity is a good deal for me? Thanks for the help!