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  1. Hi, Im looking at buyin a used canopy, and just wondered what the total number of jumps that you can usually get out of a canopy? More than a thousand usually before it comes to the end of its life?
  2. i never thought of that! Thanks very much!
  3. im going to Elsinore in a few days time. Does any one know whether I can do the skydive U prgramme over there then be able to goback to the UK and not have to do the British version of it? Can I get my FS1 through skydive U in America?
  4. trendyp


    i like your website! thats pretty cool!
  5. ok, well i my weight is 130 lbs. I go to sibson dropzone but have been to elsinore and am going again in march. I currently jump a javelin with 190 spectre, havent quite got my B license. I love the wind tunnel in perris valley, just glad the uk has finally got one..... no make that two! The whole of England has two tunnels and they are only about half an hour apart!!!
  6. what the hell is a troll? You think im lying? you got a chip on your shoulder or something? i asked for some advice, i dont wanna hear your prejudices!
  7. Does anyone think that downsizing from a 190 to a 150 is too much to handle?
  8. trendyp


    Im looking to buy a teardrop classic from someone, they said it will fit a 150 main and 150 reserve, however, im looking to fit a 170 in there instead, the guy said it will be a tight fit but possble and will depend on what make i buy. can any one help out? can any one fit a 170 in their 150 teardrop rig?