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  1. hi there. you will never know if u will spin or not, unless u go up there and do it. i never span once through my training, or after. i started on static line, then converted to AFF. i do know a girl that span out of control, but the instructor was there, and he stopped her. dont let the thought of spinning stop you. and as for family members, my family have just got used to he idea now, id always said i was gonna do it from a very young age, but i guess they thought i never would. i actually think they like the idea now, cus there always telling people what i do. ive been skydiving until i am 4 months pregnant and my family are ok with that now aswell. they come round. you could cross the road and have an accident, but u still cross the road. so go get urself booked onto and AFF course. ONLY THOSE WHO TAKE RISKS TRULY LIVE. sar
  2. I think some have got the wrong impression when i said why should it take over you life. i will take full responsibility for my child and will put my child first, but i also want to carry on with my hobby. i want my child to be brought up around a DZ, i think they are great places with lots of fun friendly, and mad peolpe. i think its good for a child to be out doors and meeting lots of people instead of kooped up inside. sar x
  3. HIya all I'd like to hear all your opinions good and bad? What do you think to having children then carrying on skydiving afterwards? I've fell pregnant and have decided to keep the baby, I believe that after the baby is born I will carry on skydiving. I am still skydiving at the moment. But my now Ex-Partner thinks that this will be impossible and that it wont be right taking a young child to a DZ, and that it would interfear that much that it would stop us skydiving altogether. I dont believe this is true if you don't want that to happen. Why should a child take over your life, it should be involved with all parts of your life and if thats skydiving for us, then should this be a problem? I'd love to hear from you all Ta very much sar x
  4. Just after a few opinions as i've heard so many. I have a merit 150, and are currently having slight problems with my flare. I know i am flaring slightly too high, and a little too aggressive as i have been recorded doing so. i have been concentrating on both these factors and it has helped with my landings. But, i've been told several ways to flare, some say do a staged flare others say just do one slow flare. Which is best for my canopy and control of my canopy? As i'm now confused as which to do. Any opinions would be helpful. Thanks