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  1. After doing my 1st jump tandem at a bigger DZ, I came to LSPC for static-line instruction. Like most students, the long drive out into the country to a remote airport gave me plenty of time to get nervous about what I was doing. Fortunately, my fears were soon put to rest by the professional and very thorough staff. Every instructor I worked with was very safety oriented and took as much time as necessary to make sure every student understood the point being discussed. This DZ actually is operated by a club, so the atmosphere is laid back and the profits are reinvested into the facilities. They actually own the airport they operate out of so there is nothing else going on there except for skydiving. As the page says, they have two very nice and well-maintained C-182s (with matching paint jobs, no less) and I've never had any trouble waiting around for a pilot. If you live in eastern NE or western IA I would highly reccomend the LSPC, especially if you are interested in being at a DZ that will make you feel like you belong there and are not just a customer. These guys know how to have a good time while keeping it safe and I'm glad I found them.