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    I bought a new custom Infinity container last winter (February 05), spent all summer jumping it - but was concerned about how it fit - it was a little long on me. I didnt question it initially because i figured it was a custom rig made specifically for my measurements. I thought if i called to ask someone at Velocity Sports about it, they'd just tell me "we made it for the measurements you sent us" and that would be the end of their liability. Almost A YEAR later i finally did contact Velocity Sports about the fit - they had me send it back and made all adjustments for free (even gave me a free reserve re-pack). Apparently i have a rediculously short torso for someone with my measurements :) Kelly Farrington at VSE was WONDERFUL!!! He helped me out in every way to make this rig fit me perfectly. In a sport where a lot of companies tend to lack in the Customer Service Department - these guys are the BEST!!! The rig is comfortable, easy to pack, and looks great (all for a significant amount less $ than other containers that really dont differ much at all) Only con - i ordered the rig with an RSL and the RSL lanyard is pretty long. Every time i repack my main, i have to pull the extra lanyard through and tuck in under the reserve flap. Just a minor inconvenience. For as easy as this thing is to pack, it's a small price to pay :)