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  1. the late Freeman Frame from FWF Industries( they used to make the original braided dacron line for para flite) always said the rule of thumb was 20 times the diameter for trapping. the ONLY thing stitching does is keep the trapped portion of line from creeping back out when there is no load.the stitching does not add any structural strength.

  2. just learned that one of the jumpmaster/instructors, i used to work with, Pete Wilson has passed away some time back. Pete started instructing at Parachutes Inc. at Lakewood NJ back in the 60's. he survived the crash of a Norseman(aircraft) in 1970 shortly after takeoff. He was one of the Founding members of The Poor Indians Parachute Club. Pete also taught at Ripcord Para Center in the 70's and was the chief instructor/jumpmaster at The United Parachute Club in Pennsylvania from 1978 till the the late 80's.
    Pete was a great guy and we will miss him

  3. they left the sport market due to among other things, NO LIABILITY INSURANCE. also Steve Snyder sold the company and its possible that the new owners didnt want the hassle of dealing with the sport market. besides there is a whole lot more money to be made in the military market(something that the late Dick Morgan explained to me before he retired in 82)

  4. if you DO measure it, para flite's method is to measure the cord from the very front edge of the rib where the top is sewn to it, strait back to the tail seam,DO NOT measure the top surface as that will give you an artificially higher square footage. then to measure the span, measure the top surface at the reinforcing tape at the leading edge .this was para flites method of measuring canopies. they even tried to get it adoptaed as the industry standard, to no avail. (because a mfr could measure the topfrom nose to tail and claim a bigger canopy with less bulk

  5. my first car was a 1960 ford falcon 4 door.that thing burned a quart of oil between home and para flite. it looked like james bonds smokescreen. paid $100 bucks for it( earned by packing student rigs -1973)