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  1. at a Mid Eastern Parachute Association meet in the early 70's... Al Itenson cutaway his malfunctioning Para Plane Cloud(1 + 1/2 shot capewells)deploying 26 ft lo po reserve hung up on one of the open releases.Al grabbed his hook knife and hastily hacked thru the radial seam+tape where it was hung up. reserve opened ,LOW with tons of line twists. lived to jump another day.

  2. it DOES indeed happen. i studied the phenomenon in some detail back in the mid 70's as it pertained to static line direct bag deployments.
    Manley Butler studied it in great detail including wind tunnel tests done for Para flite around 1982.the result of his work was the invention of the safety stow which was designed by Manley/ Para flite and released to the industry.his work was the result of a fatality involving a ram air reserve bag strip. at the time reserve free bag locking stows were held with "O" rings made of Buna N compound

  3. thanks for sharing your eyewitness account. i posted a published account from(i believe) bill ottley that was in either parachutist or the MEPA newsletter.tho i knew Mac Macgraw, i never asked him because i figured that it was probably a too painful event that he would rather not relive. we lost Mac in 2008 after an emergency landing(helicopter).as he exited the damaged helo, the skid collapsed and he was killed by the rotor.

  4. odd that you should mention this today.Ray Kirst, former para flite test jumper, died on march 12 1978 trying the nose deployment streamered, he played with it trying to get it open and he lost altitude awareness . pulled his round reserve (without cutaway)at approx 200 ft which appears that he may have fought even after the entanglement as one of his R3"s was released