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  1. Helicopter was not able to be booked, it is not avil. However we have Kingair jumps starting at 8am and going all day! Come freefall, RW, wingsuit! Huge party at night, live music, food, bbq, drinks, and tons of raffle give aways!!
  2. This weekend we will have our freefall into autumn party, boogie, end of summer party! Kingair jumps start 8am Saturday, we are trying to setup the helicopter as well. We have a fund raiser for breast cancer going on Saturday! Live music, food, and give aways Saturday night!
  3. We also plan on running the Kingair Friday for Frugal Friday, $20 lift tickets, we just need to be sure we have interest first, looks like we do.
  4. Come out this Saturday Oct 9th at 10am at Skydive Sussex for some Helicopter Jumps! You must have a USPA B lic, and the jumps are only $50 per person from about 4,000 feet! While your here enjoy our facilities, our fast Kingair, and the closest dropzone to NYC and only dropzone that overlooks the New York City Skyline! Skydive Sussex is the closest dropzone to New York City! Come enjoy a nice freefall into autumn at Skydive Sussex
  5. We will also have a PORTER this weekend Sat and Sun 8am to sunset!
  6. Starting next Saturday June 5th at 7:00AM, we will offer helicopter jumps at Skydive Sussex. The jumps are from a Raven 2, and will be from 6,000 feet MSL, for $50. Those interested must possess a USPA B License or greater. The helicopter will run for the morning till tandems start, then periodically after that so be here early!! We are hoping to do this every weekend, so check back with manifest for further dates and times! After jumping the Helicopter come enjoy a 10 minute ride to 13.5 in our Kingair!
  7. Next Saturday/Sun is Skydive Sussex's summer kickoff! Come enjoy the 10 minute ride to 13,500 in our Kingair! Sat night we will have live music, food, and a bonfire! The girls from the local hooters will be out Saturday as well! Come enjoy the closest dropzone to NYC!
  8. Come kick off the official start of the Summer Season at Skydive Sussex!! Extra altitude on many of the Kingair loads, huge party Saturday night with live music!! Local Hooters girls are coming out to jump Saturday in their uniforms!! Who can miss out on 14,000+, live music, Hooters girls, and a good old shindig at Sussex?!? For more info contact us via email at [email protected], add us on facebook, or call manifest at 973 702 7000!
  9. Skydive Sussex will be opening Friday April 2nd! Our KA-90 is done, and anyone who has been around XKEYS lately has seen it! It will be here mid April, we open Friday April 2nd, and will be open 7 days per week after. KA90 will start running MAYBE the following weekend, if not soon after. It will run weekends to start, 182 weekdays. As things pickup we will add Fridays for the KA90! Any questions let us know! You can always follow us on facebook as well! Post any questions here!! Also we are looking for a few staff spots, info can be found on employment classifieds! Blue Skies, and see everyone this summer!
  10. Great weather tomorrow!!! COME JUMP THE SKYVAN AT SUSSEX!!
  11. This weekend 26th/27th! Come jump the SKYVAN from 13.5!! 7am-sunset both days, party sat night!
  12. Sussex will be having a SKYVAN BOOGIE PT 2 this weekend 26/27th!! Come enjoy the only tailgate in the north east and 13,500! 7Am to sunset both days. Party Sat night with live bands!! For questions call 973 702 7000!
  13. Summer maybe over but the fun is just starting at Skydive Sussex, as we say goodbye to warm weather and hello to fall we will bring up a turbine aircraft to skydive sussex! We will get a turbine aircraft up here for the weekend giving the local fun jumpers 13,500 FEET! Come jump and party Sat night with a live band, music, fun, bonfire and food! If your not a licensed jumper come join us for a tandem with our professional staff! For only $189 at how could you go wrong! Band starts at sunset Saturday with some other awesome festivities! We will open at 7AM both days and go till SUNSET!! For more info/to book call 973 702 7000 or 800 810 jump
  14. Skydive Sussex will be having a king air boogie, to celebrate the arrivial of our kingair! Jumps all weekend will be from 14,500!! We will have other festivities as well!! Brian Germain will be here that weekend as well, and offering a canopy course! For more info email [email protected]!
  15. Skydive Sussex will be hosting Brian Germain for the 3 days Aug. 22nd-24th! Come out and get a canopy course from Brian Germain and enjoy jumping out King Air from 14,500 all weekend!! For more info contact [email protected]!