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  1. I have 181 jumps, what's the fuss about only 100 jumps? So give me a week and i will have your 200 jump requirement. And I will not look here for advice again, I get more constructive advice from my dz and jumpmasters where I have jumped before. Blue skies bright nights
  2. in reply to all the info I thank you and will not add anymore hazzard's to my setup i will just keep the goggle spot. thanks again and dave i know now you only have my safety in mind and thank's again. sorry for the uprore. BLUE SKIES AND BRIGHT NIGHT'S
  3. I have a sharp vl-z3u with a kenko .43 , it is a top mount due to seeing the jumper in al. die due to a malfunction and a cutaway wich resulted in riser hanging up on camera. so i mounted my cam on top of my bonehead. and again i am sorry to cause an uprore just was wanting to know if using the goggle target was as good as using a helment target. thanks again blue skies and bright night's
  4. OK. I may have rushed the camera jumping but now I have started it I feel comfertable with it I dont jump without it now it just feels right to have it there. And if what dave said was to help thank you but it sure did not sound like it. yes dave has more experence i give you that but the 3 jumpers i have seen die where jumpers with the same attitude as him. All i am saying is dave dont sugarcoat your message but dang dont tell some one to leave the sport eather.
  5. I was shocked to see the reply i got in the video forums from another jumper. qote (Much like anyone who's spent more than a few years on a DZ, I've seen your type come and go. Some go on their own, and some go in an ambulance, the good part is that they just go.) I have been in this sport 5 years now and i relly hate to see a jumper leave, and even more when one die's. all this came about because i ask a question about rather using a helment target for video is better than using a goggle target. So blue skies and bright night's hope there are more helpfull jumpers here than this guy.
  6. Hi. I am a jumper from goldcoast in moss point Ms. I now jump in Brooklyn Iowa.I have been doing video for 1 year now,i love RW jumps, and i am in a coaching course now so high. and hope to get to meet you guy's some time.
  7. and why is that. I have been shooting video for the last 68 jumps now and I will say they are verry good and so will the people I have shot. So sorry you dont think I am qualified but till you jump with me you dont relly know, but anyway. I was simply asking was is the helment mount better than the sight on the goggles that is it. and blue skies to you
  8. i finely get a break from having to be soooooo centered on video jumps i just put a fisheye lense on my cam i have been using a target on my goggles i dont have the helment target is that ok i have seen it quiteabit like this but input is always good thank's brother's (when in doubt wip it out) (blue skies and bright nights)
  9. w2g on getting readdy for your first night jump i made my 1st night jump on my 100th jump it is a hell of a rush but play it cool stay focused and just do a normal landing no turn's that are not needed till you get used to depth perseption at night. and on the matter of a diffrent location. if you know the area cool if not be carefull doing a night jump at a unfamiliar spot blue skies and bright night's to you. and you will do fine
  10. i would like to take a coaching coursethis way i can help others in learning the sport in which i love. but just a coaching course what all will that allow me to do? please instant message me on yahoo I M if you have time fanofgordon_24_2004 thank you