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Gear Reviews posted by Tonto

  1. I've had my Pantz for 14 months. Apart from when I jump my Skyflier 3, I've worn them on every other jump.

    I do mainly AFF, and in Pantz with a sweatshirt or T shirt, I have a range measured on my Neptune of between 95mph and 143 mph - all on my belly. They give huge leg power on those early AFF linked exits when the student doesn't arch as taught. I'm not a very good freeflier, but they manage a sit just fine, and are cool for head down.

    And after 300 dives, not one loose thread.

    Without a doubt - they are money very well spent.


  2. I've been jumping 19 years, and I've jumped a lot of gear in that time. I do primarily AFF, and like to keep my mind on the student, and not worry about my gear. I did a lot of research before buying a new harness, my 1st in 6 years, and I settled with a Mirage G4.

    The customer service I received was exceptional. Delivery was in 4 weeks, as promised. Every option I requested came exactly as ordered. The fit is, in a word, perfect.

    As I assembled the rig, I became more and more aware of the detail and thought that had gone into the design of individual components. I was very impressed with the risers, and the facility to stow excess brake line - particularly after reading PD's article on "Control Systems Malfunctions Information Sheet."

    Every aspect of the rig, from the freefly puff, (option) bridle protection, pin protection, internal riser covers, riser protection, elasticised lateral support, padded back pad, fit, comfort, split main bag - all impressed me immensely.

    Understandably, almost all those who have paid good money for gear are impressed with what they receive. If you're contemplating a Mirage G4, I suspect you're doing so for very specific reasons.

    I don't think the G4 has "everyone" appeal, and has been accused of looking "blocky" by my peers prior to delivery. Mine is an "MT" sized medium for a Tempo 120, Stiletto 107, and looks fairly slim to me, but I guess that would be true of most smaller rigs.

    If you're thinking G4, mail [email protected] and get hold of Justin. It's the right thing to do.

    6 months and 250 dives have passed since I wrote this review. My G4 looks perfect, abd feels even better than the day I got it. I'm truely happy with my choice!

  3. I don't wear a helmet at all. Not for the last 3300 skydives anyway. But I'm freeflying now and it seems to make sense to wear one, so I look around and see what's out there.

    You have to wonder at some peoples logic. The Gath was designed for surfing. It has no frontal protection so you can get your head on your board and go under waves. When you're suspented from the shoulders, flying forward at 30 - 80 mph and you need a helmet - it better have some frontal protection. I have picked up the pieces (Yes, you read right) of 2 Gath hats worn by exuberant low timers after they hooked it in. Both spent over a week in intensive care with head injuries. If you're going to wear a helmet - use one that will protect you from more than "Sunstroke"