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    Small friendly DZ, oriented on SL jumps with old military round canopy.
  2. KOHuK


    Small DZ with only round canopyes
  3. KOHuK


    Small DZ with good attitude.
  4. KOHuK


    New place for splitted DZ Kirzhach
  5. KOHuK


    Closest DZ to Vladivostok.
  6. In Vilnius Skydiving club You can make Your first Tandem skydive (freefall jump from high (~3km) altitude with an instructor) or Static line jump (solo jump from about 1km without freefall).
  7. KOHuK


    Small DZ with basically old round canopies.
  8. KOHuK


    DZ closed
  9. KOHuK

    Lisii Nos (Fox's Nose)

    Oldest airclub in Russia, since 1908.
  10. KOHuK


    Very old x-military DZ with only round canopyes.
  11. KOHuK


    Maternity modern Russian Skydive. Now, unfortunately, in stagnation. Jumping only with old round military canopyes.
  12. KOHuK

    Pushino SkyCenter

    Best place to practice jumps and train. We have more than 10 packers and lots of rigs and equipment for rent including tracksuits and wingsuits. Safety is our priority. All aircrafts undergo technical maintenance. Parachutes are carefully checked before jumps. At the beginning of a session day we have on-the-ground preparation where weather condition are discussed and recommendations are given on flying and landing. We use card for registration. Once you have signed up you can find your name on the lists shown on our big screens, which say when your takeoff is and how much time you have until the jump. On our website you can find takeoff details and weather forecast on our website as well as watch live what's going at DZ. Skycenter has positive atmosphere. You are welcome to bring your family and pets with you. Even if you've never been here before, you will feel at home here. If you are an experienced skydiver it won't take long for you to find good company for jumps in any discipline.
  13. KOHuK


    Died DZ. Not use any more.