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  1. Welcome to Skydive Vancouver! Western Canada's largest DZ, operating 2 turbines, 7 days a week. We are a family run full service DZ with rigging loft, gear sales and onsite camping. We host two boogies a year. Our Cinco De Mayo Season starter and our NorthWest Boogie the first weekend of August. We are located 1 hour east of Vancouver, in the town of Abbotsford and we operate out of our private airfield. If you are in the Vancouver area be sure to come have some fun with us!
  2. Jess_120

    North West Boogie

    Our Annual North West Boogie, to be the best yet. 5 Organizers to get your skills up!.. This event will kick off on the Friday August 2 to Monday August 5 Flying both our Turbo Porter and Quest Kodiak. Band and ABC Party on the Sunday night.. Codie Moffet Meagan Arnott Roger Ponce Tommy Miller Diego Duvel Remi Angeli
  3. Jess_120

    Mirage Complete set

    Complete set stollen
  4. Jess_120


  5. Hi Guys, Hope all is well and you are enjoyning the warm sunny weather. Looks like it is time to have a Boogie in Abbotsford again. On Thursday the 29th of July Roger Ponce De Leon will be arriving and the Porter will be running. The Super otter will arrive that night or the following morning and stay through Monday August 2nd. Ponce will be working on 20 to 30-ways. Irish Johny is going to do some 8,10 and maybe 20-way speedstars. tracking dives and possibly some Hybrids. So come on out freeflyers! There is no registration. Jumps are at 13,000+ We will have on site Camping in the "Ghetto" There is a shower and a Concession. So I hope you guys can all come and have some fun in the Valley. Blue Skies Jess 604-854-3255
  6. Jess_120

    Mirage G3

    New Mirage with Stilleto 150 main with new lines PD 143 reserve Cypress
  7. Jess_120

    Mirage G3

    Black Mirage G3 with green tye dye and silver trim Good shape tempo 120 reserve heatwave 120 main Cypress