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  1. I've seen this jump many times on my superterminal DVD...what you are seeing is a guy trailing smoke go unstable and then recover. The clip is just cut off at the wrong moment, this exit is the beginning of a long flight and there was certainly no wall strike of any sort. He acutally ends up passing up the other flier who did the gainer exit 10-15 seconds later, if memory serves.

  2. My letter and special use permit for Zion are en route...

    I sent a copy to the Zion mgmt plan as well. My point was that we CAN leave no trace and jump with appropriate planning an management of our activities. And that the National Park Serive is OUR service...MY service (American Tax Payer)

  3. My "regular" object is an 890ft A. I usually try for about a 5.5 sec delay. If you are comforable with the object (like 20+ jumps) and you've had an off-heading or two on it before, it's not an issue; otherwise yea, climb down. Wire strikes suck from what I've seen...

  4. This article had me swearing out loud just a bit and I'm usually pretty quiet. "got slammed"...gotta love the obligatory whuffo quote. I'm going to write a letter to somebody, don't know who...but it's gonna happen.

    Anybody got any ideas on where to send a letter, explaing: Please don't report when (nothing significant) happens within our sport and community?

    Diveout Dan Self
    Society of Professional Journalists outstanding graduate, 2001 U of O school of Journalism & Communication

  5. Exit weight is approx 245. Canopy has Vtek and Multi.

    #1)PCA from the potato: Seemed to take a bit longer to inflate than my current Troll 305 (322) but I have not PCA'd the troll from that object so I can't be sure/ no video comparison avail at this time.
    Brake lines are quite long, so is the controll range. Due to the size; the canopy turns slow on toggles. Surprising penetration in moderate wind and butter soft landing.

    #2)Short delay 48" zp pc(potato). Same, seemingly noticeable, barely longer inflation time. Nice response on heavy single riser input to change flight heading. To my delight: I was not flying backward - the wind had picked up and most of the locals were not jumping, same butter soft flare and landing.

    #3) 4.5second slider up delay on 880' A with 42"pc. Really, Really sweet deployment. Canopy was a little more responsive on toggles due to the slider-up assembly. Landing nice.

    #4)5+ second slider up delay on 880' A with 42"pc. Really, Really sweet deployment- on heading, quick but soft -again. This time I cranked down hard both rear risers, then let up on the right riser just to see how it would turn. I was WAY surprised by the responsiveness of that particular turn. I should have landed it with the brakes stowed for the practice...nice landing (again)

    I might see about the 5th control line, so far I like it. It makes a very nice addition to my gear options -along with the custom Huck-it container made for the canopy.

  6. Thanks for th info everyone...BTW EG suits is building me a custom demo Rigor Mortis. They say if I don't agree that it's the best suit available today I don't have to pay for it, just send it back and only pay the $25 demo fee. That's some serious confidence from the manufacturer.

    I'd love to get to fly a blade; but I doubt there is a demo to fit someone 6'6" and 210lbs? There never is a demo for that size no matter what you're looking to put some jumps on (not that I can complain to loudly there aren't many of us this size walking around who want high perf wingsuits)

  7. I have a Fury 220 that I'm loaning to a friend. I saw it flown today and noticed that the stabilizers flap and dance ALOT. IT looks like they need more tension on them.

    I was looking at them and thinking there are several um..."options" for dealing with this problem.

    Anybody fix the stabilizer flap on a Fury before?

    I can't imagine it is designed to fly like with them flapping like they do.

  8. I'd love to demo one if there is no cost involved.
    The last crossbraced offering, from atair -that I got to fly- with the double diamonds was an abomination unto the lord.

    However, I love my Troll MDV

  9. Anybody got a pic they can post...? Or feel like taking a pic (that shows the amazing differences) and posting it?

    I gotta see what is so great about these things.

  10. Does anybody have a pic they can post of the attachment point of one of these?

    I can see why the single attachment point is an improvement, but how is cutting each section better?
    Doesn't the integrity of having ONE circular piece of ZP leave less chance for error/ inconsistency?

    What does "greater degree of manufacture" and "tighter tolerances" translate to, If I'm looking at a $175 Toxic PC and a "regular" PC, that were built by the same person at the same facility? Just wondering as I am going to build a couple of ZP vented PC's for myself someday soon here.

    **edited for clarity**

  11. I don't think its been jumped more than a few times, maybee Ray L will chime in, he would know. It is definitely not a regularly jumped site out here. There's a few of good objects that are pretty close by, though.

  12. It has been jumped multiple time successfully since then. There is a ranger station directly at the bottom, and from what I understand huge bust potential. The jump itself is wildly technical.

    About 10 minuntes from the falls you are thinking of is a different falls -210ft static line that is much more reliable in terms of egress and from what I gather less sketchy overall. I have only jumped the latter.