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  1. So I've been out of skydiving for about 1 1/2 years and I'm looking to get back in to it...problem is, I'm having a lot of trouble packing my relatively new zero-p of right now, I cannot close my container because everything is trash bagged in! Going to take a packing class this spring to refresh, but to be honest, I never got good at packing up a zero-p, and despite all the help I get, I can never seem to get it down (pretty much it all falls apart when I lay the canopy down and start folding it up)! I hate relying on packers to make my next jump.. Any solid tips? Thanks -S
  2. samyueru


    Thanks for the great info!
  3. samyueru


    any tips for packing it then? I always feel like its hard to find where to put the canopy in it, because it doesn't have a 'definate' shape with the split... thanks!
  4. samyueru


    yeah..I am packing retarded..and am taking a class this weekend! Been a long time off...
  5. samyueru


    Anyone have a tip for packing into those D-bags that have a split down the middle? (hard to's like a d-bag with a vertical cut down one edge) I cannot get my new zero-p in it to save my life!!!! Maybe I'll just have to get a normal d-bag instead of this one that came with my mirage...
  6. Yeah, and I know for a fact some of the blackhawks around here fly around without listening or communicating on ctaf...imagine trying to see one of those flying at tree top level.... blah!
  7. yeah, I guess that's right...poor phrasing with violating airspace..more like common sense, I guess. Nonetheless, if I planned my route over a DZ, I'd definately tune in and listen up...
  8. Using GPS, a pilot is not relieved of his/her responsibility to recon their route and consult the sectionals...there's really no excuse for violating airspace in anything except for an emergency. -S
  9. I think another reason you're getting such negative responses is because it appears you are assuming that any change/rule that improves safety is bona fide "good". I could walk around all day with my flight helmet on my head and be MUCH safer. If I fell down some stairs or got hit by a car crossing the street, I'd be much better off. However, it simply isn't practical. the chances of something like that happening are not big enough to justify the safety measure. -S
  10. Is skydive headland still in operation? (Alabama DZ) The website and phone number aren't operational... Was hopeful to find a DZ nearby to Dothan... -thanks! -S
  11. Hey everyone - I'm taking a class this semester where I have to write a pretty big position paper to change some sort of issue. I was thinking of writing about how difficult it is for DZ's to get decent insurance policies and how (and why) it should be changed... Anyone know any decent resources/stories I should look at for some basic research? Thanks!! -Sam