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  1. Hi all, There is someone in Germany writing me an email requesting help to find someone after sending money for a rig but never getting the equipment. Before assuming this is plain old theft and putting a formal complain to police, I tough it would be nice to see if the community could send a message to this person to clean up this misunderstanding if possible. The first name is Mark and is likely from California. (I will not divulge last name, this could be a lost rig in transit and Mark is too busy - doesn't know, but still need proof to recover from insurance) Maybe someone has a suggestion on how to solve this? The person that bought the rig also purchase one from me a few years back and he is really nice. No one deserve to get the short end of a deal like this. Thanks
  2. I purchased a Vengeance 120 when they first came out (serial # 69) that was replaced by PD after about 80 jumps on it because of the ‘funny’ opening that where a little unpredictable. I can only praise PD for customer service as they tried very hard to fix the canopy, build me a new one, test jumped it and sent it back. I am very, very satisfied, enough that I purchased a 107 Vengeance as well. I now have about 500 jumps on the 120 and 80 on the 107 that I sold this year as my jumping habits are not steady enough (winter) to ride this kind of canopy. My exit wait full gear is 195 Lbs for a wing loading of 1.6 on the 120 and 1.8 on the 107. The openings are nice and I avoid harness input but do have my hands ready on back risers to maintain heading if it goes off (once in a while). I found that straight packing works best, do not play with nose, don’t sink it in . Just flake it, quarter slider, roll the tail a little and great openings. To the best of my knowledge, PD does not recommend folding the nose (either 4x4 to center or otherwise). This canopy is made for front risers, dives a lot and has great swoop but watch altitude loss and recovery it is much, MUCH more then the Stiletto. I sold my 107 after getting a perfect front riser 2700 carve out of it and realized that the swoop was getting out of hand for where I jump (limited landing space) and the dive was very pronounced. Big difference between 120 and 107 at my wing loading. I love this canopy and yes it is very solid in turbulence. Last comments from personal experience. I did crash into the ground due to an unscheduled power line in a demo jump (no room to comment on my own stupidity here) and paid my dues (51/2 week hospital stay and 1 year in rehab-training with two Titanium bars as a reminder). For those who consider this canopy at a wing loading of 1.5 or higher, 500 jumps in the last 2-3 years and a course on front risers canopy handling should be considered a minimum !! and get a good briefing (there is a ‘delay’ on flare). If you doubt this, 2 persons I know hit hard after less then 10 jumps on brand new Vengeance they purchased (after trying mine). They both tried over 900 turns and found out that this canopy dives a lot, and both have over 1000 jumps. Be careful, have fun, blue skies.