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Dropzone Reviews posted by nigelh

  1. I've been jumping at Weston since I did a RAPS course in March 1997.
    There have been a few changes over the year but things are great in 2005!
    The bar is open Friday to Sunday with the cheapest drinks I've ever seen,
    Jumps are now £18 to 12k, occasionally going that bit higher,
    the G92 in a fantastic aircraft, it is in one of the flattest parts of the country so the weather is usually pretty good, and its located minutes from junc 9 of the M40.
    Andy Ford is the rigger,
    We also several BPA members, we have Paul 'Apples' Applegate who's the Chairman of the riggers, Andy Scott who's the FS rep, and me, I'm the Artistics Rep,
    Also we have team members from medal winning teams offering coaching in Freefly, Formation, Skysurf, wingsuit etc.

    Come along and try us out!
    The compulsory AAD rule is untrue and you do not have to be military to jump there

  2. I've just got back from 2 weeks at Crosskeys, i went out there because John Eddows, one of the big cheifs, sent Stuey, Spotty and Toast to the BPA AGM in January '01.
    I travelled over 3,000miles to jump a steerman bi-plane, which, might i add was soooooo cool!! but also to visit those guys at the MonkeyClaw freefly school (
    I travelled to Crosskeys all by myself, and i think within 2 days, i knew everyone there!! I had no problems finding anyone to jump with, and i received so much good advice!!
    Okay, so i was let down a little bit, only because Stuey told me it would be good weather.... On arrival i found that the weather back home in England was 10 times better!
    I highly recommend this dropzone to everyone, the Frankenotter is cool (even though it scraped half the skin off my foot!, didn't hurt though)
    And just a quick word of advice,
    Ignore the Monkeyclaw guys when they try to talk you into a Voodoo Container, they won't admit it but they all really liked my brand new Javelin Odyssey!

    Quick hello to:
    Jacko, Mark, Jason, John, Stuey, Tim, Bert, Heath, Adam, Kelly, Toast, John, Stacy (x2), Jori, Melody, Shani, Betty, Alan, Mary, Dale, Skeff, Geoff, Boxman, Flav, Fric, Hutchco,
    Mike,Georgie and anyone else i forgot (not on purpose!)